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Model and prescribe optimal outcomes

The DNA of better decision-making

In today’s business environment, making the right decisions or course corrections at the right time can make all the difference. This requires a fast, thorough analysis of extremely complex situations to evaluate all potential pathways to each outcome and map the ideal strategies for getting there. Imagine how many data scientists that would take and how long?

Our Approach

Our engagements begin with a clear understanding of the required business goals. Whether the objective is to lower costs, increase margins, reduce time to market or improve market share, Cognizant Evolutionary AITM analyzes and prescribes the best actions to achieve one, a combination or all of those at the same time. 

Like an army of data scientists, evolutionary computation generates complex models, creatively solves problems and recommends the best path(s) to achieve them. Here’s how it works. The evolutionary algorithms process generations of variable combinations very quickly. The least-useful-candidates are discarded and new ones are generated from variants of the most-useful-candidates through recombination and mutation.

This process is rapidly repeated, homing in on the prescriptive actions to take. In this manner, Evolutionary AI makes it possible to identify the best approaches to designs, products and processes.



Applying an Evolutionary AI™ Framework

Cognizant’s powerful, patented Learning Evolutionary Algorithm Framework (LEAF) uses advanced evolutionary algorithms and deep learning to produce actionable results from complicated, multivariate problems. In a very short period of time, potentially millions of variables can be evaluated against business goals, every option weighed for its benefit and the very best path to success identified.

  • A marketer wants to see what is driving activity and interest on their website to determine the best design and architecture to improve engagement and sales.
  • An oncologist needs to evaluate patient diagnosis, medical test results, demographics and individual risk factors to identify optimal cancer treatment and dosage.
  • A greenhouse farmer is looking to analyze seeds, soil, temperature, humidity, how much light and what type of light yields optimal growth.
  • A manufacturer wants to improve efficiency on their factory floor by taking all the variables that can impact into consideration.

This breakthrough technology allows businesses to scale evolutionary AI techniques to solve the most complex business problems.

Improve Predictions: Evolving deep network architectures means the LEAF can automatically arrive at solutions that are better than alternatives that require many Ph.D.-days of human labor.

Drive Impactful Outcomes: Evolving and iteratively improving a decision prescription system to impact what is most important to your industry.


Model Optimization

Cognizant Evolutionary AI Model Optimization, evolutionary AutoML, creates models with high performance and accuracy. These models reduce the need for expert in-house talent and extend to a wide range of applications, including those where little data exists and when only limited computing and memory is available. Tens of thousands or even millions of potential outcomes can be tested by the model to identify the best plan to implement in the real world. AI and model building is all about finding the right architectures and meta-level parameters, and now this can be done automatically.

Business Optimization

Cognizant Evolutionary AI Business Optimization augments and improves decision-making in a very principled data-driven manner. It builds a predictive engine that helps business managers maximize business results by recommending optimal decisions that apply directly to their goals.

It runs a continuous learning and optimization life cycle loop on a surrogate model of the real world, saving both time and money. Each evolution, or loop, identifies and selects better outcomes. Our optimization engine is ideal in situations where the need to evaluate a combination of complex variables is beyond the capability of humans. It doesn’t replace humans, it expands their ability to identify the- sometimes very complicated - relationships within their data and pinpoint best actions.


An Everest Group PEAK Matrix® Leader

Having "built differentiated capabilities through its proprietary offering, Evolutionary AI." Cognizant has earned Leader status in Everest Group's Advanced Analytics & Insights Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2021.

Simulate and Solve Real World Problems with Digital Twins

Human decision making is often flawed. Our assumptions, biases, and fixed mindsets limit our ability to solve problems.

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