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Intelligence to anticipate needs and drive engagement


We know how important it is for you to understand your customers when making critical business decisions.

Customers can leave your site in a second. With a click. And as online experiences improve, customer expectations are increasing as well. It’s no longer enough to segment. You need to treat each customer as an individual.

Segment, Personalize and Target

Cognizant Customer Intelligence provides a unified customer journey and analytics platform to help you engage with the right customers, across the right channels at the right time.

Now, you can:

  • Create a 360-degree, omnichannel view of the customers—providing rich context and behavioral insights
  • Drive brand loyalty through effective customer segmentation and personalization throughout their journey
  • Optimize revenue and profit by prescribing personalized next best action/next best offer for every customer
  • Increase retention by offering the most relevant, engaging and seamless customer experiences

Our Approach

We deliver superior user experiences across all your channels by parsing customer behavior in real time, allowing you to anticipate customer needs and identify the right markets and opportunities for business growth and cost savings. Cognizant creates flexible technology platforms that allow organizations to apply data analytics and machine learning opportunities to:

  • Expand cross-selling and upselling
  • Apply analytics to customer behavior by channel or salesperson
  • Optimize contact center operations
  • Improve the quality of campaign and third-party leads
  • Mitigate customer attrition

Customer Intelligence

Achieving Hyper-Personalization

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