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Data created by customers through their online behavior and interactions allow companies to decode customer needs, preferences, sentiments and grievances—and to create more personalized experiences and services with AI data-driven business decisions.

Digital technologies, including analytics and AI, give your company a once-in-a-generation opportunity to perform orders of magnitude better than you ever have before. But you’ll need new business models built from analyzing your customers and business operations at every angle to really understand them.

Knowing their natural behaviors and which moments of their daily lives are most primed to be elevated by technology are key. So too is understanding the data they generate and what it might say about needs they haven’t yet revealed—the kinds of products, services and experiences they value enough to pay for, to choose you for. With the power to apply artificial intelligence and data science to business decisions via enterprise data management solutions and analytics, we help leading companies prototype, refine, validate and scale the most desirable products and delivery models to enterprise scale within weeks.


Cognizant Named to HfS Winner's Circle for Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Services

Cognizant’s placement in HfS’ Winner’s Circle highlights the strength of our ‘Insights to AI’ offerings that enable businesses to develop innovative products and services that combine human-centric context with AI solutions.




Winning with Digital

Embarking on a digital strategy often means that organizations focus on external factors. Internal change is also crucial for digital success, including re-skilling the workforce, changing employee behavior and restructuring how work gets done.

The Power of Analytical Storytelling

Merging age-old principles of storytelling and the new field of data journalism, organizations can ensure that decision-making is data-based and meaningful by tapping into the human attributes of stakeholders.

Optimizing Customer Support with Machine Intelligence

By applying learning algorithms, customer care centers can arm agents with the ability to quickly troubleshoot and proactively resolve customer challenges.



Data permeates every aspect of the enterprise. Companies that gain insights and master channels of engagement will prosper. 

But data must be secure, fresh and available for business operations. And businesses have to find the value hidden in large amounts of data.

Success results when the power of technology yields insights that translate into value for your customers. When data-driven decisions empower your interactions with your customers, employees, suppliers and partners, you can truly master your markets.



    From providing a comprehensive deep dive into customer experience to surfacing fraudulent transactions to streamlining supply chain operations, our information management solutions drive growth through analytical foresight that can induce actions and fact-based decision-making.

    Driving Value Through Data Analytics: The Path from Raw Data to Informational Wisdom

    Massive amounts of data can be operational and marketing game changers, but only if organizations create value by applying analytics to understand the past, predict the future, align findings with business strategy and define outcomes.

    Enhance Customer Experience

    Transform the customer experience powered by insights into their behavior, actions and interaction, enriched with multitude of information fed through data-lakes.

    Smarter Business Operations

    Transform your business processes with intelligent, autonomous systems that leverage next-gen technologies such as AI, IoT, Big Data Analytics and Geo-spatial intelligence.

    Intelligent Products and Services

    Launch new products and services for the digital economy that can operate, learn and heal autonomously, through humanized-AI and real-time data analytics.

    Risk, Compliance and Fraud Detection

    Embrace a proactive digital risk management approach to detect fraud, compliance and security breaches in real-time or bring control to your business with blockchain technology.

    GDPR Solutions

    Meet compliance needs with efficient consumer protection, privacy, and data governance while creating an effective foundation for your digital transformation.

    Digital Supply Chain

    When we consider the future of the global supply chain, we see analytics as the new engine for change - from AI-driven autonomous warehouses that no longer require running lights to function, drones that can make inventory decisions, and cloud-based RFID shipment tracking linked to entire value chain.

    Claims and Care Analytics-Based Solutions

    Improve patient care outcomes and reimage the new digital healthcare ecosystem using advanced analytics solutions and humanized AI capabilities.



    Data is the backbone of your organization. How you tap into these data stores is an essential part of your digital strategy. Our information and analytics management solutions will help you manage and modernize your data, driving revenue growth, improved efficiencies and reduced risk.

    Data Science: How the ‘Marriage’ of Technology and Math Can Produce Actionable Results

    By blending the elegant science of pattern recognition with the discipline of mathematics, organizations can solve some of the world’s most analytically complex business problems, such as geospatial analysis.

    Data Visualization and Data Discovery 

    Make data widely available to decision makers throughout the organization, facilitate rapid data discovery and outcomes by using our rich analytics and data management capabilities and experience in areas including enterprise reporting, data discovery and self-service BI.

    Legacy Modernization and Data Offloading

    Keep pace with the exponential growth of your data and ensure smooth transition of legacy systems using state-of-the-art open source technologies to build agile, scalable digital systems with lower TCO.

    Enterprise Performance Management

    Be on top of your business performance, model what-if scenarios or make predictions using Machine Learning with our expertise in Business Performance Management, Budget, Planning and Forecasting and Financial Modeling and Analysis. 

    Data Integration and Consolidation Services

    Capitalize on your data and develop a unified view of business with our data integration services including Data Migration, Data Modeling and ETL offloading, to fuel your applications from legacy to Applied AI while ensuring quality, security and governance.

    QA and Testing Services

    Our QA and Testing services draw on our vast experience in responsive and thorough testing to ensure tight integration of QA activities with your data management and advanced analytics project lifecycles for better business results.

    Enterprise Data Repository Services

    Ensure faster decision-making and better business planning with our Enterprise Data Repository services that includes solutions for building or modernizing your data warehouse, data lakes or blockchain databases over heterogeneous landscapes.



    Accelerate your journey from insights to action with a platform-based enterprise analytics strategy. Deploying the right tools effectively enables organizations to derive seamless analytics and information management value to drive performance.

    How Semantic Analytics Delivers Faster, Easier Business Insights

    Improved analytics of the big data already at their fingertips can help transform organizations for the digital age. 

    Cognizant BigDecisions

    Cognizant BigDecisions Business Solution Platform enables sophisticated business analytics and humanized-AI on top of a robust and scalable digital information architecture–for agile, intuitive and context-specific business decision-making.

    VISIT BigDecisions SITE
    Cognizant BigDecisions Business Applications (BizApps)

    Industry domain-specific prebuilt analytics solutions that plug into the Cognizant BigDecisions platform. Choose from more than 30 BizApps such as Customer Insights, Supply Chain Management, Sales Performance Management and Sensor Management.

    Managed Analytics-as-a-Service

    Leverage Cognizant BigDecisions Platform to generate end-to-end, integrated insights for specific business processes and functions with accountability to achieve business outcome.

    Data Validation and Quality Assurance Platform (BRAVO):

    Cognizant BigDecisions platform component that automates data validation and quality assurance across the information supply chain.

    Platform for Information Value Management™ 

    Platform for Information Value Management™ is an end-to-end Information Management delivery ecosystem that:

    • Offers a blend of value creation, automation and process orchestration
    • Provides Quality Assurance (QA) at every stage of the SDLC
    • Connects Cognizant and its clients on a single, collaborative platform


    Understanding the principles and impact of analytics is essential for your digital strategy and growing your business. Our analytics experts ensure that you realize value from your information management investments.

    Analytic Storytelling: From Insight To Action

    By applying the age-old principles of storytelling and the new tenets of data journalism, organizations can evolve their data analytics practices from gut-wrenching exercises of “guesstimation,” to a fact-based art of storytelling that not only informs but inspires meaningful decisions.

    Business Analytics Advisory

    Devising strategies to develop data and analytics intensive programs such as Customer 360, Commercial Operations, GDPR, data monetization and data valuation.

    Data Sciences

    We help enterprises achieve significant business outcomes by arriving at sound decisions from applying advanced algorithms, business domain skills, insights development expertise and packaged data science solutions for key business challenges.

    Analytic Storytelling

    Completing the last mile of the insights generation journey by helping clients communicate their findings and deliver a clear and convincing message to business decision makers to induce fact-based actions. 

    Enterprise Information Architecture (EIA) Advisory

    Assess and define IT architecture spanning enterprise strategy, technology evaluation, application portfolio management and providing best practices to build architectures for the digital economy.

    Enterprise Data Management Strategy

    Ensure your data meets the rigorous demands of everyday operations with quality and availability through our bouquet of consultative services spanning Master Data Management, Metadata Management and Data Governance.



Percentage of global executives who forecast that big data and business analytics will have the biggest impact of all technologies between 2020 and 2025.



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Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today's new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

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