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Accelerate ROI, minimize downtime

By relying on Cognizant’s expertise in large databases, network connectivity and other factors related to migrating SAP to the cloud, you can accelerate your return on investment, minimize downtime and transition your S/4HANA digital core on cloud.
Hosting SAP solutions on the cloud can present challenges—from building a business case and defining the roadmap to choosing the best solution and migrating instances to integrate with your existing IT landscape. 
As a certified SAP Global Solutions Integrator, Cognizant offers you the partnership, experience, frameworks, tools and accelerators to overcome these challenges. 
Cognizant’s SAP cloud consulting team can orchestrate your SAP cloud migration end-to-end, whether it’s an isolated portion of your landscape—such as disaster recovery, or training or prototyping—or a fully provisioned S/4HANA cloud integration with ongoing managed Platform as a Service (mPaaS).
By deploying SAP on the cloud, we can help your organization to:
  • Transform your SAP landscape into an agile, cost-efficient, scalable and secure platform 
  • Run better and respond faster to changing demands
  • Take advantage of new technologies and business models to enable digital core on cloud
  • Bring in greater operational agility
  • Improve IT governance with user-defined automation, zero-touch monitoring and auto-remediation of the application environment.


A holistic approach to cloud

Cognizant’s SAP on cloud offering covers SAP requirements to deploy all production and non-production, SAP and non-SAP applications to the cloud, quickly and efficiently. It includes consulting on RISE with SAP , adopting hyperscale cloud, architecting the design for deploying or migrating SAP to cloud, and executing and carrying out optimization and support.

Prepare and design

Cognizant excels in SAP deployment on hyperscale cloud, delivering top-tier consulting services with industry benchmarks. We ensure measurable benefits, enhanced productivity and performance. Our expertise includes complex integrations for SAP S/4HANA on the public cloud (Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform), seamless transitions, compliance and achieving business objectives. 

Additionally, our expertise extends to RISE with SAP advisory, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient deployment or migration process. For fail-proof infrastructure architecture design, Cognizant facilitates meticulous visualization of end state by capturing crucial business and security requirements, establishing design principles and making informed hosting choices.

Automated technical operations and consumption-based pricing

We help you leverage multiple advantages of operating SAP systems in public cloud, including: 

  • On-demand infrastructure provisioning
  • Scheduled automated startup and shutdown 
  • Automated backup management, monitoring and alerts
  • Automated technical monitoring for optimizing operations and management costs

Our unique SID-based pricing model gives you a truly consumption-based pricing approach, from both an infrastructure and managed SAP platform perspective.

In addition to the advantages of operating SAP systems in public cloud, Cognizant's expertise in managing SAP systems operated in RISE with SAP further enhances your cloud experience.

Accelerate, build, migrate and deploy


Cognizant improves agility, reduces TCO, accelerates provisioning and ensures defect-free cloud transition with our experience in RISE with SAP.

We partner with you to deploy your SAP landscape on the public cloud, whether it's a green-field implementation (SAP Cloud Fit) or migrating existing on-premises SAP workloads (SAP Cloud Shift). With 99.9+% platform availability, we deliver highly available SAP S/4HANA systems on public cloud with fail-proof disaster recovery.

Our investment in the Cognizant’s SAP Cloud Assessment and Transformation (cCAT) Framework, along with the SAP HANA Assessment and Transformation Framework, enables us to swiftly adopt and execute your cloud strategy, accelerating your SAP migration and reducing capital expenditure on SAP.

A joint evaluation with a cloud provider

Cognizant has delivered multiple high-profile SAP engagements, including SAP cloud hosting, SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA adoption projects. All of these demonstrate the value we bring to SAP and our customers. 

Our SAP cloud assessment workshops for customers typically include:

  • A three- to four-day cloud assessment workshop, conducted jointly by a cloud provider and Cognizant, at your location
  • Review and assessment of your current SAP landscape
  • Discovery of how cloud technologies and Cognizant’s SAP migration and operations expertise can best help modernize your SAP systems

Latest thinking

Grow amid business uncertainty with a modern ERP core on AWS

Gain operational resilience to stay viable in uncertain times with intelligent ERP environments like SAP S/4HANA on AWS—and catch up with market changes.

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Migrate SAP S/4HANA to AWS in just one step

Streamline the migration process with our cCAT framework and mPaaS, reducing manual work by 60% and enabling up to 55% cost savings.

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Our partners

We form partnerships and strategic alliances with world-class organizations to expand our service offerings and deliver comprehensive solutions to clients. Here are some of the strategic partners that we work with.

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