Virtual Space, your workplace of the future

From new revenue streams to increased efficiency, lower costs and more effective ways of working, the potential for taking Virtual Space from abstract possibility to commercial reality is huge. Everywhere that humans move through space and time presents an opportunity to change customer experiences and provide “see-what-I-see,” in-the-moment troubleshooting for everything from grocery supply chains undertaking massive restocking efforts, to remote caregivers interacting with seniors or a client with a disability.

In a world of immersive Virtual Space, activities that rely on human – not machine-driven – capabilities will be even more important.

The place where tomorrow’s jobs happen

The following jobs (nearly all of which are featured in our reports on “21 Jobs of the Future” and “21 More Jobs of the Future”) provide just a few of the many examples possible.

Jobs of the Future

WANTED: VR Immersion Counselors Supercharging collaboration and training is an essential part of this HR job of the future. Immersion counselors will work with technical artists and software engineering, training and workforce collaboration leads to massively scale the rollout of best-in-class VR for learn-by-doing workforce training and collaboration (such as Strivr or Friends with Holograms) or apprenticeships (using platforms like Mursion, TransfrVR, Interplay Learning and Catalyte) to get employees productive – fast. WANTED: Journey Builders Journey builders will personalize mixed-reality stories and vignettes. Want to raid the Death Star in your living room? Want to jam next to your favorite popstar? Journey builders will arrange it. Already, the UK’s O2 Academy Brixton is planning a series of “pick your own camera angle” VR performances. And in response to COVID-19, from Garth Brooks to Metallica, a range of bands leveraged journey builders for gigs using drive-in movie theaters.

WANTED: Haptic Interface Designers This role balances the need for usability and desirability of sensorial experiences, including which wearable and touch-surface platforms amplify rich, contextual XR journeys. These designers need familiarity with the most relevant surface mediums to create desire for and interest in brands and products. A background in physical product design is essential, as is passion for following the latest trends in increasingly sophisticated immersive apparel, like haptic suits. WANTED: Personal Memory Curators Through consultations with the elderly, personal memory curators will generate specifications for VR experiences that bring a particular time, place or event to life (often with an “advance directive”). Physical space and multi-projected environments will be combined with images, sounds and other sensations that simulate familiar times or environments (including, for example, the ability for a great-grandson to join MLK’s March on Washington with his great-grandfather, who was actually there in 1963). WANTED: Autonomous Trucking “Drone Jockeys” Two companies – Starsky Robotics and Sweden-based Einride – aim to remove drivers from the cabs for even local routes through remote operations. Such an arrangement would allow drivers to control up to 10 trucks daily from a remote operation center (like drone pilots do today) without waiting for transfers of freight.