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Moving beyond triple play: Let us help you find new engines for growth.

Cable and satellite companies are at the forefront of bringing television, Internet and digital services to businesses and the home. "Triple play" offerings have been one engine for growth. But with competition increasing from other providers, now is the time to refocus on innovation and accelerate growth.

Turn to Cognizant's seasoned team of communications consultants for help. Already nine of the 22 telecommunications firms in the Fortune 500 partner with us for everything from systems integration to customer management.


General Services

  • Customer relationship management
  • Knowledge management
  • Supplier/partner relationship management and service operations
  • Increasing profitability with “addressable advertising”
  • Providing global integration to save money on critical services such as customer support and administration
  • Building upon legacy IT systems to enable new service offerings
  • Preparing for industry partnerships, mergers and acquisitions

Marketing Services

To help cable and satellite customers generate more revenue from existing clients and acquire new customers, we offer the following marketing-related services:

  • Advanced Analytics: Better understand consumer requirements and model existing business processes and supply chains to provide a superior customer experience
  • Social Media Analytics: Identify proximities and relationships between people, groups, organizations and related systems
  • Cross-Selling and Up-Selling: Apply predictive analytics such as affinity or market-basket analytics to understand products that are often bundled or bought together
  • Campaign Analysis: Analyze and understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns
  • Content Monetization: Better determine what services to monetize in order to maximize revenues from content


Advanced Media Analytics for the
Digital Age

Cable and satellite companies can benefit from advanced analytics to manage their digital supply chain, cross-selling marketing efforts and more.

Innovative, Cloud-Based Order Management Solutions Lead to
Enhanced Profitability

OMaaS, our approach for improving order management, incorporates new methodologies that align business requirements and emerging IT solutions and delivery models.

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