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Retailers believe they are providing best-in-class customer experiences, but customer feedback indicates that retailers are out of sync





Traditional value-added services are failing to inspire today’s digitally savvy shoppers

Technology has drastically changed the way shoppers want to engage. Although retailers have responded with significant investments to enhance the customer experience, a disconnect still exists between the services retailers are offering and the services shoppers want. Learn more about this gap from Cognizant’s 7th annual shopper study.

Customer Findings

Some common themes that emerge in the five key findings include creating value from the point of view of the customer, using personalization and data more effectively and cultivating customer loyalty across all touchpoints. And despite the efforts of retailers to align with customer expectations, only 31% of customers report having consistently positive experiences. 

An important reason is that digital technology has made customers more empowered than ever, which has caused their expectations to skyrocket. The challenge is delivering the experiences that shoppers now expect rather than experiences that retailers think shoppers want. Retailers must implement new practices that create meaningful shopping experiences.

Retailer Findings

The five key findings from the perspective of retailers reflect similar themes. The need for retailers to create real value for customers is a fundamental challenge because retailers are relatively confident that they are already providing the breadth and depth of quality services expected. On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the most sophisticated) as it relates to the services retailers provide customers, 84% of companies rated themselves as an 8 or higher. Yet, customers don't agree. 

The key to improving customer engagements and services is to create relevant, personalized experiences across all channels. Effective personalization requires a clear strategy around how retailers will get to know their customers better. In theory, retailers appear to know customers prefer, yet they struggle to actually deliver on those capabilities. Again, a significant gap between retailers and customers is apparent, one that can affect the bottom line.

To succeed in an increasingly competitive shopping environment, retails must ensure they know and serve their customers better. Retailers must create a digital strategy that puts customers at its center in order to drive innovation and differentiation that customers will value, and then implement the model consistently. 

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