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Reduce cost and increase operational efficiencies while leveraging the agility of your global network by having visibility across your supply chain.

Pharmaceutical companies are facing unpredictable demands, depleting operating margins and increasing regulatory scrutiny. Inadequate visibility across the supply chain is hampering optimal performance as global sourcing increases the risk of longer lead times.

Cognizant recommends that pharmaceutical companies take steps to formulate their supply chain visibility strategy holistically. The growing complexity of operations results in the need to increase agility by improving supply chain visibility.


Managed Services Consulting

Cognizant is a leading consulting and systems integration partner for the implementation of supply chain visibility initiatives in the pharmaceutical industry.

Cognizant’s framework for supply chain visibility enables pharmaceutical companies to monitor, measure and control the end-to-end effectiveness of the supply chain. Organizations need to evaluate various dimensions such as costs, lead time analysis, procurement and linkage with CMOs to draw a comprehensive strategy for successful supply chain visibility. Understanding your maturity and needs is key to achieving business value. Our focus areas include:

  • Right-time Supply Chain Visibility
  • Supply Chain Alerts
  • Event-driven Planning
  • Advance Real-time Optimization


Supply Chain Visibility and Analytics Solution Overview

Cognizant enables you to achieve end‑to‑end supply chain visibility—spanning the entire life cycle from assessment and implementation to operations—while offering end‑to‑end managed services for efficient and cost‑effective realization of potential benefits.

Supply Chain Visibility and Analytics | Cognizant Technology Solutions