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Gain real-time insights into your clinical operations to improve quality and control costs.

Big data provides opportunities to drive game-changing, meaningful improvements in healthcare. Cognizant’s Health Intelligence solutions enable healthcare organizations to achieve quality improvements in real-time at the point of care.


Consulting Services

Healthcare Organizations need real-time data to discover business insights and effectively manage cost and quality. Cognizant offers the following services to help:

  • Big data strategy and roadmap definition
  • Business case and ROI model
  • Big data technology architecture definition and integration

Platform Services: HealthDecisions 2.0

Cognizant offers Enterprise Information Management through its HealthDecision 2.0 solution.

Key capabilities include:

  • 30-day readmissions analysis: Readmission metrics, hospital‑acquired infection prevalence and medical reconciliation
  • 360-degree patient engagement: Integrate clinical data from labs, radiology, electronic medical records and social tools to enable better patient engagement
  • Longitudinal prediction by practice: Identify patient segments responsive to particular treatment plans and provide intelligence for use in comparative effectiveness research


Empowering Healthcare Organizations with Actionable Insights from Big Data

Cognizant’s BigDecisions 2.0 offers a flexible, big data powered platform that speeds delivery of actionable insights to business and clinical users derived from a wide variety of data sources.

Big Data is the Future of Healthcare

With big data poised to change the healthcare ecosystem, organizations need to devote time and resources to understanding this phenomenon and realizing the envisioned benefits.

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