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Paving the path for a smarter utility of the future.

Globally, utilities are aggressively adopting smart technologies, which include smart meters, automated demand response, grid integrated distributed generation and micro grids. They are making massive investments in rolling out smart meters and adopting customer-centric smart metering models, which allow for more control on energy usage, transparency in billing and effective participation to their customers in demand response. With these futuristic digital transformational initiatives, utilities are laying the foundation for Smarter Grid—Smarter Utility.

Cognizant provides smart metering solutions and services to help utilities across different geographies to assess their preparedness to realize maximum benefits from smart technologies. We also help them effectively manage their assets in the network to improve the efficiency in distribution operations and revenue cycle management.


Large Utility Gets on Track with Smart Asset Management

When a major North American utility began tracking its smart assets through their lifecycle, it was able to minimize costs, prevent failures, improve its warranty claims process and enhance the customer experience.

Smart Managed Operations Toolkit for Utilities

Cognizant’s Smart Operations toolkit helps utilities improve operational effectiveness, reduce risk, and introduce industry-leading best practice processes, standard operating procedures, security monitoring, controls and regulatory reporting.

Smart Infrastructure Capacity Assessment for Utilities

Cognizant’s Smart Capacity Assessment Model is a unique tool that helps you to identify a utility’s current capacity constraints in smart meter operations, processes and IT systems, providing maximum/break capacity of the smart operation center.

Smart Asset Management for Utilities

Cognizant’s Smart Asset Management helps utilities effectively manage ‘New Generation Smart Assets’ and integrate them with existing asset portfolios, while delivering regulatory mandated grid reliability and high levels of customer service.

Smart Metering Maturity Assessment for Utilities

Cognizant’s Smart Metering Operations Maturity Assessment Model is a unique tool that helps you identify your current smart metering operations capabilities and gain insight into the improvements required in each area.

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