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From Big Regulation to Big Innovation
– the journey to securing digital trust and better customer centricity


As the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implementation deadline comes into effect in less than a year, companies can no longer afford to stay in a "wait-and-see" mode and must begin to take appropriate steps towards full compliance.

GDPR is the new minimum standard that is legally enforceable, covering EU citizens, both customers and employees. It has to be demonstrably in place by 25th May 2018. However, GDPR is much more than a regulatory obligation—it is an opportunity to build trust, drive customer centricity and create new business opportunities. Given that GDPR impacts the entire organisation, it requires enterprise business solutions.

Whether you have a mature privacy program in place or you are just beginning the GDPR implementation process, Cognizant can help benchmark strategies with your peers and provide practical insights to ensure your privacy program is GDPR-compliant in the year ahead.

Building Digital Trust: Key to Unlocking GDPR Capabilities  


Cognizant’s comprehensive GDPR framework allows organizations to discover the location of all their personal data and take a risk-based approach to determine their readiness for GDPR compliance and build digital trust with their customers.

Our GDPR Discovery and Readiness Assessment encompasses the full spectrum—People, Processes and Information and Technology—to deliver the key components for meeting the new regulatory requirements.

Specific services include:

  • • Assessment and deep dives

  • • Journey mapping and data analysis

  • • Delivery mobilization, execution and oversight

  • • Organizational design covering people and processes

  • • Technology enablement

  • • Tools and accelerators



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