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Know exactly how much you're paying for trade promotion—and how to spend it more efficiently.

Trade promotion management is the second largest cost item for large consumer goods companies, often exceeding 15 percent of revenue. Unfortunately, many organizations still struggle with measuring the ROI of trade promotions.

Cognizant can help. Accurate spend effectiveness modeling requires analyzing data from multiple sources, including point-of-sale systems and syndicated data providers along with internal sales, marketing and operations. We offer TPM/TPO consulting, solution selection and process re-engineering that you can systematically measure ROI so you can optimize future decisions.



C-Smart is an analytics tool developed by Cognizant for use by brand management and category management teams in consumer goods companies. It helps provide actionable insight in areas such as new product launches, brand performance in different categories, promotion effectiveness and competitor analysis.


Our consultants use this tool to facilitate segmentation, Web analytics integration, multi-channel optimization, campaign design optimization and predictive analytics.

Loyalty Management

Our loyalty management tools help with the management of referrals, promotion rules, partners, members, redemption points, direct mailers and more.


Consumer Goods Practice Overview

In this practice overview, learn how Cognizant is working with consumer goods companies to extract value from these changes by implementing marketing, sales and supply chain solutions that embrace the SMAC StackTM and leverage new technologies.

2014 Supply Chain Planning Benchmark Study

This study details current and future supply chain planning strategies, practices and trends and is based on the findings of a major study of supply professionals conducted in late summer 2013.

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