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Step up to today’s technologies

Step up to today’s technologies

8 weeks
to implement a new platform for a global investment bank’s entire intersystem reconciliation process.

Improving growth and client experience 

Simplifying processes helps do both. At Cognizant, we help investment banks ease the burden of legacy technology and create shared-service efficiencies. We’re a strategic partner to 6 of the 10 leading investment banks across the U.S. and Europe in their digital transformation.

Improve data integrity and control

Discover how a global investment bank modernized its reconciliations and control standards to reduce the time to onboard new controls.

Unlocking Digital Value
How do we make such a profound
to our clients?

Cognizant engagements place equal emphasis on the three keys to digital success: Customer Experience, Business Process and Tech Infrastructure.


It all starts with your customers.


It all starts with your customers.

Unlocking real digital value and improving outcomes for your business means we must address their needs as well as the needs of your employees.

How do we do it?


By helping you build a Digital Business

Go beyond supporting business and advance it with smarter products, exceptional customer experiences and more efficient operations primed for transformative growth.

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A Digital Business with Digital Operations

Reimagine and create new digital processes that drive performance, deliver more humanized transactions and leverage automation, AI and scalable platforms.

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A Digital Business with Digital Operations powered by Digital Systems & Technology

Simplify, modernize and secure your IT backbone with integrated services and digital solutions that unlock value at scale and speed.

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Customized Business Solutions

We help our clients accelerate their Digital Business transformations as they move beyond a focus on cost efficiencies to driving top-line revenue growth.

Packaged Industry Solutions

To deliver immediate impact to the business, we offer proven solutions designed to tackle challenges your industry faces—generating cash flow you need to fund more complex initiatives.

Create value. Everywhere.

Operate in silos, without data and insights flowing out of the three areas above, and your initiatives will fail. Only by building a fused, holistic organization can you respond to customer needs and drive new growth.

01 Digital Business

Go beyond supporting business and advance it.

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02 Digital Operations

Reimagine and create new digital processes.

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03 Digital Systems & Technology

Simplify, modernize and secure your IT backbone.

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Targeted solutions

Smart packaged solutions to transform for the digital age.

Data Integrity and Control

A cost-effective enterprise solution to rectify data discrepancies, chase missing data, and clear backlogs and reconciliation breaks.

Fees and Billing

Centrally store and digitize rate agreements so your bank can automate reconciliation and exception management. Generate analytics on global business functions and improve accuracy and transparency.

CCPA Services

Prepare for the systems and processes you need to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).


Featured work


DevOps Website Solution Eliminates Errors and Improves Time to Market

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    The Challenge

    As part of a multi-year digital transformation and cost-reduction effort, one of the world’s largest U.S.-based financial services organizations wanted to automate the deployment of new configurations to its multiple customer-facing credit card websites. One major challenge: managing and supporting changes to these sites. The company asked Cognizant to develop a solution for Akamai, its third-party content delivery network provider, to improve the performance and availability of its sites. The ultimate goals: Improve time to market, reduce errors and lower costs.

    Our Approach

    Cognizant's banking tech experts identified challenges in the system and proposed a solution that leverages application programming interfaces (APIs) using configuration as code principles to automate development and deployment through continuous integration/continuous development (CICD). We developed an orchestration layer on top of Akamai’s API that integrates with the company’s CICD tools to create a template that would work across all three environments.

    Instead of managing quality assurance (QA) and production configurations annually through the Akamai portal, the orchestration layer enables Cognizant to move configurations from development to QA to production, testing and making changes only in the development environment. This eliminates the need to repeat testing and make changes in QA and production—without duplicating effort, defects or manual errors.

    Configuration Template Works Across All Environments

    With a new DevOps content delivery solution in place, the company’s application teams can now quickly make changes, test and deploy configurations with confidence, knowing that the deployment will go smoothly and lead to greater customer satisfaction.


    faster time to market


    reduction in manual effort


    savings in cost of changes


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James Burrows

Head of Capital Markets Platform Solutions