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A data modernization platform powered by BigDecisions

Ensuring Your Data is a Business Asset

The Data Modernization Platform can be configured and ready to use in 75% less time than it takes to build a data platform from scratch. 

Data Modernization is the fastest way to achieve an AI-driven data foundation. It incorporates a proven method and platform to source all the data that matters to a business and deliver enterprise-wide intelligence. Our solution is an off the shelf, end-to-end platform for data management, analytics and decision sciences.

The objective is to turn data into value. This means establishing the right environment, access methods and breadth of information to support your organization’s mandate to drive quantifiable change.

To accomplish this goal in a timely manner, several important developments must be confronted—these include exploding data volumes, rising stakeholder demands, and difficulties in implementing and optimizing technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

This architecture provides a scalable, robust platform for universal data to advance analytics outcomes that drive value across your organization. 

The platform allows you to:

  • Migrate Data to Better Compete:
    Efficiently migrate your data repositories using BigFrame to a cloud- or hybrid-based ecosystem, including Microsoft Azure and/or AWS.
  • Improve Data Accuracy and Flexibility:
    Simplify how data is structured and accessed without risking security or privacy. Promote flexibility in implementing proprietary and third-party analytics tools and reduce the burden of unneeded legacy systems and software.
  • Place AI in the Mainstream:
    Develop AI-driven analytics models at scale, accumulating accurate data sets for training and moving rapidly from testing to production.

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The Road to Data Modernization

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A Rapidly Deployable and Scalable Path to Enterprise Intelligence

The Data Modernization Platform provides a scalable, pre-built, end-to-end solution from ingesting data to operationalizing AI enterprise-wide.It is comprised of four modules:

  • Enterprise Data Migrator:
    This pre-built, proven migration engine facilitates modernization of existing data appliances/warehouses/mainframe systems to maximize performance and reduce costs through automated optimization and migration.
  • Enterprise Data Lakes:
    Provides a seamless orchestration of the various information management and data sciences components coupled with out of the box, industry-grade workbenches required for a data lake build which can elevate it to become a system of intelligence.
  • Enterprise Analytics:
    An end-to-end fast data and analytics platform to make sense of the huge volumes of data for accelerating and proliferating business drivers to discover profound insights, make predictions, or generate recommendations.
  • AI Essentials:
    Modern AI tools designed for developers and data scientists to help create AI solutions easily, with maximum productivity for any scenario. Enterprise-grade AI infrastructure which runs AI workloads anywhere at scale.

Case Studies

image of doctor and pharma sales rep

Pharmaceuticals company maximizes revenue and profit by saving 35%/$450K in report-generation time.

image of a fast food worker packaging up a food order

Fast-food chain reduces drive-through order time by 10% and improves decision-making, staffing and marketing.

image of a drone flying in the sky

An electric utility is using AI image analytics to quickly identify maintenance issues, reducing outages and costs.

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