Our Approach


Cognizant Products helps envision new product ideas and bring them to life. Staffed by experienced startup and corporate veterans, Cognizant Products supports new and existing internal ventures at Cognizant with product-specific planning, management, lean development, operational support and go-to-market strategies. We ready early ventures for growth and scale by combining functional talent with infrastructure and support.

Lean Engineering and Development

Steeped in Agile Philosophy, not just processes, Cognizant Products’ developers and architects combine full-stack software development with user-driven design to build the right software the first time.


Development teams in Cognizant Products embody the practice of DevOps by focusing on the entire lifecycle of a product, from idea inception through the reliability and uptime of in-market products.

Product Operations

Cognizant Products’ product operations team focuses on product lifecycle management, from product launch to sunset. They coordinate across financial and legal resources.

Product Management

The Cognizant Products team strengthens the way Cognizant builds products by prioritizing features and delivering impactful solutions in an agile, market-responsive way.

Go-to-Market Support

From creating pricing models to designing a comprehensive marketing plan, Cognizant Products provides guidance on bringing products to market, keeping them competitive and driving growth.

Reusable Tools, Methodologies and Platforms

Cognizant Products uses leading software development platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environments to ensure quality, cloud portability and security for every product.