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OrderServ provides an omnichannel, customized food ordering experience. Guest gets convenience. You get loyalty and sales.


OrderServ is an end-to-end omnichannel food ordering solution which integrates seamlessly with point-of-sale systems (POS), Kitchen Display Systems (KDS), Master Data Management, Payment Services, Loyalty, Social Media and other enterprise applications. Guests are able to place orders from the web, mobile phones and tablets—from wherever they happen to be. OrderServ integrates the orders with every aspect of an enterprise, from the kitchen management system and the restaurant POS to the enterprise systems that track sales and transactions.



OrderServ is an omnichannel ordering solution designed for the restaurant and food services industry. Customers can order from anywhere, any time and from any device, whether they’re heading home, sitting in stadiums or boarding an aircraft. With an emphasis on integrating not only with POS but, more critically, kitchen display systems, OrderServ helps ensure flawless execution—and extremely happy customers.

Generate additional revenue through online and mobile channels—and learn more about your customers at the same time.

Enjoy all the customization and integration of a built-from-scratch system with the cost advantages—and time-to-market benefits—of an as-a-service solution.

Sidestep the legal minefield over ordering technology patents: we’ve licensed Ameranth so you don’t have to.


For restaurants, learn more about how OrderServ works.

Omnichannel Ordering Solution by Cognizant

OrderServ, from Cognizant, is an ordering
solution-as-a-service for restaurant and food services chains. It delivers all the customization and integration of a built-from-scratch system with the cost advantages—and time-to-market benefits—of a cloud-based platform.

OrderServ Solution Overview

The Key to Profits: Integrating Omnichannel Ordering into the Restaurant Value Chain OrderServ is a unified platform to enhance your presence in the market and drive your sales.

OrderServ, Business Cloud Product | Cognizant Technology Solutions