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Intelligence, analytics, and decision-making at the edge

Current business pace and data proliferation require computation closer to the data source for faster, more actionable decisions. Edge computing brings compute-intensive, latency-sensitive applications closer to the end user for near-real-time decision-making.
In the IoT age, nearly every connected and instrumented device generates huge amounts of data. The cloud enables building device ecosystems within your enterprise—but it demands additional time and enhanced connectivity to provide fact-based decisions after analysis. Sending data to the cloud and awaiting results cost precious bandwidth and time, and hinders real-time responsiveness.
There’s a better way. Much of the data collected from devices can be analyzed close to the point of origin—that is, at the “edge”—to deliver near-instant, automated results. Enter Cognizant’s Edge Services. We enable data analysis at the point of data collection—on the devices themselves, as well as on the gateways and micro data centers that interconnect enterprise ecosystems. 
By offering intelligent edge design, setup and management, we can deliver computing capabilities to the logical extremes of your network—so you can enhance performance, reduce operating costs and improve reliability for low-latency applications and services.


of senior IT executives believe that the inability to collect, store, integrate and analyze real-time data from end-point devices is a key barrier to successful IoT implementation.


Edge computing to create a competitive edge

With ever-increasing business opportunities across the industry, your organization must build edge-to-core services with an outside-in view. Cognizant’s Edge Services brings together edge-to-core infrastructure, analytics, related vertical solutions, services and platforms for industry nuances and scale.

Design innovative edge solutions


Cognizant’s Custom Edge Device Design offering provides proven product engineering solutions to help you put your ideas into production. Using our design capabilities, we’ll help you with edge device development, embedded development, sensor integration, edge device testing and edge device security solutions. We can also consult with you on edge device and sensor selection based on the requirement analysis and technology blueprint of your edge-to-cloud solution.

Understand and implement edge-to-core systems

Cognizant’s Edge Integrate offering enables your organization to easily understand and set up your edge-to-core systems through:

  • Edge as a Service (EaaS), which offers the end-to-end edge infrastructure for running an IoT solution. EaaS reduces the entry barrier for your IoT program, and minimizes the complexity and business and operations risks in developing and managing an IoT solution.
  • Plant Asset Discovery & Assessment, which helps you understand your edge environment by providing visibility into your OT assets, edge IT infrastructure and edge applications. A combination of leading OT and IT discovery tools, a well-defined manual discovery framework and an extensive field services network facilitate the collection of detailed asset information, network topology, communication pathways and protocols.

Your 24x7 IoT nerve center

Cognizant’s Edge Operate offering provides integrated monitoring, management and maintenance services for your IoT solution. Our IoT Nerve Center provides a comprehensive framework to deliver 24x7 run services for your edge-to-core IoT solution, including monitoring, management and automation across connectivity, applications, and IoT platforms, devices and infrastructure. 

Cognizant’s IoT Nerve Center core services include:

  • Critical failure detection
  • Availability management
  • Monitoring and diagnostics of edge-to-core systems
  • Near-real-time alerts for unfavorable system behavior
  • Field services, third-party spares and warranty management 
  • Optimized performance of connected products
  • Automated configuration management, security patch management/firmware updates 
  • Predictive analytics and automation to reduce critical system failures
  • Single dashboard and trend reports around managed services

Through Cognizant’s IoT Nerve Center services, we can also drive augmented services around specific vertical use cases suitable to your environment and needs—so you can focus on running your core business while we run your IoT program.

Network segmentation at edge

Today’s IoT devices and their related data interact with other devices and resources across your extended network. So, it’s critical to secure these IoT devices and their data.

Cognizant’s Edge Secure service continually secures your intelligent edge-to-core systems. Our Network Segmentation offering provides end-to-end separation of users, devices and applications traffic between edge and corporate IT environments to enhance both security and compliance of your edge infrastructure.

Deploying an intelligent, fabric-based security architecture that spans across your network environment, Cognizant's Network Segmentation uses powerful security tools to: 

  • Dynamically segment your IoT devices
  • Inspect IoT devices’ encrypted traffic at network speeds
  • Correlate threat intelligence, then automatically respond to detected threats anywhere across your distributed IoT network

Gain real insights from your data

Cognizant’s Edge Intelligence helps your organization gain meaningful, actionable insights from the huge amounts of data generated by your OT and IoT devices and platforms.

Our Analytics as a Service (AaaS) includes pre built building blocks of analytics that can speed development of your intelligent edge. We’ll help you analyze your platform-, process- and machine-level data to uncover operational insights that can improve business performance. AaaS involves analyzing industry- and/or technology-specific data at the application and process levels, while also providing edge machine learning as an analytical service. This includes edge-to-cloud collaboration, in which models can be trained on cloud using huge amounts of data and images and then deployed to edge for processing.

Our In-Vehicle Analytics platform provides analytics services for autonomous electric vehicles and ADAS & AV solutions. We provide in-vehicle services with a focus on localization, decision-making and control.

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