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Drive an F1 simulator at Cognizant booth 1518

Experience the thrill of the track first-hand and race for a chance to win exclusive sustainable prizes. Hit your best lap time, then meet with our team to learn how Cognizant helps companies modernize technology, reimagine processes, and transform experiences.

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Explore our solutions

View solution demos and presentations on demand at our booth on the topics below and more. To make the most of your time at Snowflake, we encourage you to schedule a private demo or discussion with one of our experts in advance using the forms below.

Building your platform foundation is the first and foremost critical step in the data modernization journey. Kickstart your modernization using our guard rails, best practices, and reusable templates.

Data clean room is a secure environment that allows multiple companies, or divisions of a single company, to bring data together for joint analysis under defined guidelines and restrictions. Distributed data clean rooms with Snowflake eliminate the need to move data from one location to another, while enabling governed analytics with other partners, simultaneously.

Discover how the latest Snowpipe streaming ingestion capabilities, Snowpark model training can safeguard seamless operations and uptime when deployed using Azure ML and MLflow for the engine failure prediction using IOT data.

The Cognizant Data and Intelligence Toolkit showcases our framework and accelerators on Snowflake using data migrator, process migration, cloud cost monitoring, and dataIQ.

See the life sciences industry collaboration platform that streamlines trial activities and data sharing for and between sites, sponsors, and related stakeholders, resulting in improved operational efficiency & accelerated timelines.

Learn how to forecast Snowpipe cost and warehouse load, storage, or data volume and number of records based on past data using Snowflake Cortex. This includes a user interface based on Streamlit and Snowflake native apps.

Learn how Snowflake pipelines can be use hybrid, dynamic, Iceberg, and Snowpipe auto-ingest and schematization. Seamlessly show source to target data ingestion using Informatica and transformation using DBT.

See how data classification, tagging, dynamic masking, and RBAC policies can be used to share data with strong and secure data governance.

See Cognizant’s simplified healthcare payer data and analytics platform in action. The platform integrates the data from Cognizant's Trizetto facets and builds a 360-degree customer view to enable seamless business analytics and downstream consumption.

Meet our leaders

Sandra Notardonato

SVP, Alliances and Partnerships

Naveen Sharma

VP and Global Practice Head, AI & Analytics

Tim Mummers​

VP, Consulting AIA

Be a part of what’s next with Cognizant and Snowflake.

Meet with our experts face-to-face.