IC/ cx - Idea Couture

Customer experience is about playing a role in people’s lives beyond products and services. It’s about designing an ecosystem, deeply connecting people to the brand, and creating a value chain that begins with the customer and extends through the business.

Idea Couture’s practice of CX is built on a foundation of empathy for both customers and employees; it is driven by a view toward the future and delivered through a strong understanding of the ways that organizations work. We help clients not only reimagine how they can architect customer experiences, but also how they can deliver on those experiences within the complexity of their organizations and contexts.

Our approach to CX is driven by customer research and a firm belief that customers’ needs come first. To create experiences that wholly embody the brand, we build cross-functional capabilities that connect CX initiatives to people—because transformative employee experience ultimately manifests as transformative customer experience.


Architect. Mapping the customer experiences of today and tomorrow

More than ever, organizations need a way to make CX strategies, mandates, and platforms tangible. Whether our clients come from customer experience, insights, marketing, or product groups, they partner with our multi-disciplinary teams to build breadth and drive depth, designing experiences grounded in hyper-dynamic customer needs, strong market forces, and the contexts within which organizations operate.

We uncover customer needs, both in the present and future, as core drivers of experience.

We look to strategic foresight to help us make informed decisions about the future.

We map current experiences by drawing on our core expertise to bring touchpoints, processes, and ecosystems to life to uncover critical breakpoints.

We architect ideal future experiences to uncover opportunities and visualize a reality where CX drives enterprise growth.


Activate. Bringing remarkable experiences to life

The conceptual work of envisioning, articulating, and designing a customer experience is just the beginning. It’s the alignment of people and concerted implementation of activities across the organization that ultimately brings CX to life. Our teams partner with clients for the long haul; we ingrain the CX vision by coordinating actions to support the project’s end goal.

We build the business case for experiences through measurement plans and business models to ensure experiences are economically grounded.

We prototype experiences and work with customers to test and co-create.

We align ideal customer experiences to organizational initiatives to build on investments.

We plan and build implementation roadmaps that align with organizational processes and strategic mandates.


Transform. Embedding CX capabilities across your people, priorities, and processes

Most organizations today regard customer experience as a top priority, whether it is embedded within a brand promise or within the top three strategic priorities. The biggest challenge for organizations is articulating a CX vision and delivering on it using their current capabilities. We begin by gaining a deep understanding of an organization’s culture and context and proceed to build a CX discipline across the organization.

We help frame CX ambitions by looking internally, then across and beyond our clients’ industries to raise the bar of experience.

We devise actionable plans and execute them by building capabilities based on a contextual understanding of our client organizations.

We train our client partners and create opportunities for “learning by doing” in the design of customer experiences.


We’re different

We approach customer experience as a discipline in our own practice and in the ways we train organizations. Our principles are grounded in understanding human context, looking to the future, bringing many lenses, and building enterprise value.

We deliver transformative and actionable insights and foresight.

We approach CX with a deep understanding of business and organizational contexts.

We design experiences that both inspire and drive action.