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Study reveals 5 ways to engineer a modern business that’s ready for anything.

If there’s one thing today’s businesses can count on, it’s uncertainty. From supply chain and climate instability to a global health crisis and talent shortage, the priorities you focus on now will define how you handle what comes next.

For future-ready businesses this represents an opportunity to reimagine foundational elements—technology, talent, ESG—to stay ahead of emerging expectations and the competition. Perpetually.

Read the report and find out how fellow business leaders are preparing for tomorrow’s challenges.

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Prioritize, focus and create a cycle of success

Restructure core elements of your business to be self-supporting and interconnected across technology, talent and ESG.


Seizing opportunities for future-ready businesses

Operations is experiencing an identity shift from back-office management of routine tasks to a strategic source of innovation and competitive advantage. Businesses have discovered that the only way to embrace the new is to ensure that the processes are built for simplicity, elegance, and ingenuity.

Seizing opportunities for future-ready businesses


Adopting new technology is easy—but creating value is not

The drivers of transformation today—IoT, cloud and AI—are rapidly becoming table stakes, making room for emerging technologies like blockchain, quantum computing and robotics to uncover new possibilities. But a value challenge looms as businesses struggle to realize returns from new technology investments.



Workforce strategies need a major overhaul

While many see a shrinking labor pool as the main issue facing talent management, the reality is that companies are falling short in preparing people for the future of work. Explore how focusing on technology without fully investing in the people behind it creates barriers to future readiness.



Close the gap between ESG commitments and action

90% of decision makers agree you can’t be a modern business without a cohesive ESG strategy. But there’s a huge disconnect between actual plans and real action—a gap that must close as customers, employees, investors and regulators increasingly scrutinize ESG progress and begin holding companies more accountable.


What does future-readiness look like today?

Businesses that take a proactive approach will be better prepared to capture value from emerging opportunities. Learn more about what your peers and competitors are doing to ensure they’re ready for anything.

The Future-Ready Business Benchmark

Connect with us, read the report or take the 10-minute survey to measure how your business performs against the benchmark and reveal your future preparedness.