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A full range of retail IT solutions and services for banking, commercial lending, trade finance and more.

Our Retail and Wholesale Banking Group provides technology, consulting and business process sourcing services across various lines of business within the bank. The team has extensive banking experience with multiple lines of business, serving global banks across geographies.

With a strong combination of industry and banking IT solutions expertise—earned through the successful delivery of solutions to many clients—we have developed process knowledge across wholesale/retail banking sub domains.


Retail Banking

Our team has proven expertise in retail banking products spanning multiple functional areas, including:

  • Branch banking: account opening and maintenance, retail investment services and branch network strategy
  • Core banking: back office operations and infrastructure
  • Customer analytics: data marts (customer value management and retail profitability)
  • Online banking: account management, EBPP and investments

Trade Finance

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) operations
  • Cash collection services
  • Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP)
  • Image-based transactions
  • Lockbox services
  • Messaging and payment (cross-border) solutions
  • Trade finance
  • Treasury/cash management services

Commercial Lending

  • Credit risk management
  • Loan origination
  • Servicing

Cash Management

  • We specialize in streamlining cash management functions using automated BPM workflows, as well as a modular web-based platform for international payments and global cash management

Additional Services

  • Treasury services
  • Structured finance


Divide and Prosper: Targeting Key Customer Segments to Drive Bank Profits

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How Analytics can Transform the U.S. Retail Banking Sector

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Trade and Cash Convergence: The Integrated Transaction Banking Platform

This white paper offers solutions that banks can leverage today, along with a maturity model to assess needs when creating a transaction processing platform.

How Cloud Computing Impacts Trade Finance

Cloud computing offers the trade finance industry many benefits, including reduced costs, increased accessibility and greater competitive advantage.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Provide High-Value Insights from Customer Journeys and Lifestyle

Adopting advanced analytics allows banks to gather the critical customer intelligence needed to make data-driven decisions that foster the creation of customer-oriented products and services.

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