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Smart retailers are already testing what web3 means to their business. Don’t get left behind.

Duncan Roberts and Alexis Anderson of Cognizant discuss how to leverage web3 technologies to future-proof your business, including:

  • What is web3 and how does it apply to retailers

    It’s easy to conflate the metaverse and web3, or think that without a web3 infrastructure, a platform isn’t metaverse worthy. Neither is true. While web3 technology and the metaverse do complement each other, that's not to say one can't exist without the other.

  • How web3 improves supply chain, loyalty, and experience

    Web3 can enable businesses to reimagine how customer loyalty can be instilled, such as through tokenization. For example, brands can provide rewards to the communities that form around their products and services that can grant exclusive access to events or services in the form of tokens.

  • How to get started

    Learn the right steps your business can take to build for today while preparing for tomorrow.

Embracing Web3: Unlocking the Future of Retail


Beyond the coupon: How to win in the new loyalty landscape

In this ebook, we invite you to join us as we explore the evolving loyalty landscape and take inspiration from brands that are leading the way in redefining loyalty, not just for their industry, but for the category as a whole. No matter your sector, we hope these insights and best practices can help jumpstart your organization’s journey to creating an engaging, personalized, scalable loyalty program of your own.

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Ready to imagine your web3 strategy?

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