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Accelerate your transformation journey

Utilizing the power of the Now Platform®, we create digital workflows that transform processes and deliver the experiences that employees need and customers expect.
Harnessing all that ServiceNow offers requires a fresh, strategic, knowledgeable approach to business modernization. Cognizant’s consultative approach helps you to create digital workflows based on the power and flexibility of the Now Platform—and to run them at scale across your entire organization.
Our partnership and collaboration with ServiceNow ensures that we continue to drive successful business outcomes. By co-creating transformation offerings and investing in our large pool of industry and technology experts, we help you to:
  • Envision, co-design and implement the right digital solution driving successful business outcomes.
  • Deliver cross-enterprise digital workflows that accelerate innovation, increase agility and optimize experiences.
  • Benefit from a plethora of readily deployable industry solutions, accelerators and reference architectures.
  • Extend ServiceNow investments across all facets of the business to boost productivity wherever it’s needed, including IT operations management, HR and customer service.
Recent HFS Research continues to rank the Cognizant ServiceNow practice among the highest for customer satisfaction. This reflects our focus on client success and underscores Cognizant as a trusted partner.


Tailored for business outcomes

Cognizant optimizes the ServiceNow platform of platforms. The Now platform connects people, functions and systems and together we drive innovation, increase business agility and unlock productivity.

Leveraging our robust talent base of nearly 1,500 dedicated ServiceNow consultants worldwide, we improve employee and customer experiences and deliver on exact business outcomes. We understand the client need, prototype the experience, then execute and deliver.

Cognizant takes a systematic approach to aligning client objectives to desired business outcomes. We do so by assessing a business from every angle—from competition and business challenges to identifying opportunities for improvement. We examine not just IT improvements but also how to make every part of the organization elevate the customer experience. Clients keep customer-focused while remaining aligned to their organizational strategy.

Cognizant Business Transformation Analytics and Experience offering with Organizational Change Management (OCM) closely examines the challenges facing each client’s environment. It then provides thought leadership and governance to improve their digital transformation journey through automation, process improvements, human centric design and operational excellence.

This service is both a disruptor and differentiator. It sets us apart from standard implementations and positions Cognizant and ServiceNow for continuous, end-to-end business modernization and agile transformation. It prepares a client for an optimized implementation by seamlessly integrating into their existing technology environment.

Cognizant’s vertical market focus for ServiceNow is robust and validated by our ongoing co-innovation with our partner. Using Cognizant’s solution offerings and strategic acquisitions, our vertical expertise spans 20 industries. Building on the Now Platform to address specific business problems within each industry, we help clients create compelling experiences pulled together by automated and smart processes.

Healthcare and Life Sciences
Powered by Now, our Patient Portal for Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) offers robust help desk functionality for patients and caregivers. Using a self-service virtual agent, the solution offers information access to service catalogs and knowledge articles with hundreds of automated topics and topic blocks. It includes pre-built integration with best-in-class systems of records, interventional service coordination and a single pane view for support agents.

Cognizant’s Partner Services Network (PSN) solution, powered by Now, enables Tech and Manufacturing companies to streamline their Services Partner community by matching services opportunities with Partners by skillsets, location, and availability. PSN can also be used to onboard new partners and create and manage work orders. The Partner Services Network dashboard provides real-time status updates on work orders to the Manufacturer/Partner/Customer.

Education Administration
Our Student Experience application offers a plethora of services, including onboarding services such as admission process, orientation, financial aid, student health, transportation, library services and accommodation. It also offers career services such as job placement, internship, on-campus recruitment, and credentialing. An admin dashboard and student services component are offered as well, including advising, harassment case management, and campus and public safety.

Manufacturing, Logistics, Energy and Utilities
Built for the ServiceNow Platform, this solution delivers service appointment automation, safe buildings and walk-up service reimagined with the use of virtual technology.

Retail and Hospitality Solutions
Our applications include store inventory and management, service management, predictive intelligence for retail location issues and deployable retail service taxonomy. We also provide business continuity and risk management solutions for retail and hospitality providers. For franchises, we offer empowerment solutions based on everything from portals and communities to on-premise systems and data.

For our ServiceNow telco clients, we offer a partner solution network with easy button onboarding/offboarding. Through our Cognizant AWS partnership, we also offer telco companies multiple real-time AWS asset discovery capabilities; out of the box (OOB) integration capabilities for AWS Managed Services; and a serverless continuous integration (CI) tracking add-on for ServiceNow Common Service Data Model (CSDM) 3.0.

Cognizant's Digital Acceleration Workflow Suite (DAWS) is built on top of the ServiceNow Platform. It enables analytics and intelligence to unlock value by offering continuous learning and analysis of behaviors that optimize experiences.

DAWS ensures increased productivity by understanding and recommending when and what workflows should be proactively implemented to achieve the desired customer outcome. This extends client benefits well beyond standard capabilities. By analyzing incidents, cases, requests and alerts, DAWS can:

  • Group similar records into clusters.
  • Identify patterns with word corpus.
  • Identify automation candidates and transformation opportunities.
  • Build pipeline beyond ITSM Pro, a set of AI tools from Cognizant that combines vendor management and performance analytics.

Cognizant’s Quality Engineering and Assurance (QE&A) offering accelerates implementations and delivers seamless upgrades across ServiceNow workflows with ease, speed and flexibility. Whether you are implementing ServiceNow for the first time or upgrading your current platform, this framework optimizes for efficiency and minimizes long-term challenges. Benefits include:

  • Optimized time efficiencies
  • Reduced testing costs
  • Future-proof compatibility
  • A consistent user experience
  • Reduced risk to brand

Automated Testing Services

With Cognizant’s prebuilt automation frameworks ServiceNow clients can accelerate their implementation times by 20-30% and lower costs by up to 30%. Key features include:

  • Plug and play test assets
  • Model-based testing approach
  • Integrated test automation platform
  • Customer experience assurance and value assurance
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