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Anticipate customer needs, win market share

By relying on Cognizant’s deep expertise in the entire range of SAP Customer Experience Suite, user interface (UI) design and business consulting you can bring powerful new experiences to your customers on every channel.
Transforming your CX in 100 days or less is possible with our suite of cloud frameworks that extend the SAP CX solutions and integrate seamlessly with SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA and Qualtrics. Leveraging our approach, you can:
  • Present personalized customer offers in real-time
  • Create a connected ecosystem that integrates demand chain with supply chain 
  • Establish a consistent brand voice that spans your entire organization

Take a holistic approach to CX and become a market leader

Many companies have a vision for a great customer experience but very few get it right. Success comes with an investment in the entire ecosystem: employees and partners, technology and processes. We commissioned Forrester Consulting to gain insight into the power of a fully-realized experience ecosystem. Because customer experience only works when it all works.

Winning experiences with Cognizant and SAP

Guide, nurture and delight your customers with hyper-personalized experiences consistently delivered with the latest digital systems.



A holistic customer experience

A CX transformation journey typically involves three phases:

  • Evaluate: Define the business case
  • Engage: Implement new business models
  • Enhance: Maximize ROI through reliable operations, continuous improvements and process innovations

Cognizant’s award-winning digital agency capabilities, SAP expertise and global delivery methodology place CX at the core of your business and help you to harness the full capabilities of your SAP CX investment. In addition, our proprietary frameworks, accelerators and dedicated industry solutions ensure a quick time to market and holistic customer experience.

By aligning our offerings with each stage of your CX transformation journey, we add real value to your program—no matter at what stage of the transformation lifecycle you are in.

Envision and plan the CX journey

We help your business team identify effective CX transformation strategies and business models and then jointly plan the journey through a consulting-driven approach. Detailed design thinking workshops conducted in close collaboration with business stakeholders help conceptualize and prepare the overall transformation roadmap. The desired user experience then comes to life in the form of personas and user journey maps. These are enabled through the following services:

  • CX maturity assessment
  • Business case for CX transformation
  • CX platform evaluation
  • Expansion strategy—geography/line of business
  • Legacy CRM to CX transformation
  • Design-thinking workshops

Accelerated build and deployment

We understand that CX transformation is a key business imperative for our clients, and these programs need to be implemented rapidly to help realize the business case and enable the business to gain the early mover advantage.

Cognizant’s SAP CX Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) are designed to accelerate your CX transformation journey. We have adopted a best-practice driven approach that generates the desired business outcomes efficiently and effectively, thereby magnifying the value of your investment in the SAP CX application suite. 

The CX RDS includes a rich set of plug-and-play e-business capabilities which can be coupled with pre-built industry/domain solutions to deliver digital enablement and user experience—at an enterprise scale and with an accelerated timeline. The RDS platform spans the entire lead-to-cash cycle and delivers exceptional value via the following capabilities:

  • Pre-configured industry/domain solutions
  • Integration with enterprise back-office systems and Qualtrics XM
  • Agile and scalable B2B/B2C commerce
  • Data-driven contextual marketing
  • Next-gen sales enablement
  • Efficient customer service management

Evolve, innovate and operate reliably

CX transformation is a journey that continues well after you have implemented the platforms and business processes. Industry disruptions coupled with innovative business models are driving changes at a rapid pace. You will achieve long-term success from your CX investment only if you are able to continue evolving and innovating your customer value proposition in an equally agile manner.

Cognizant’s CX Managed Services will manage your SAP-based CX programs and platforms, ensuring these anticipate and address evolving customer expectations. We do so with our integrated DevOps, Agile support and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) models.

Our CX Delivery Framework is a growing repository of best practices related to DevOps, Agile and CI/CD deployment models, as well as a library of reusable code, tools and  point solutions. We ensure predictable platform operations with high availability, and help reduce time-to-market while delivering new business capabilities that broaden the reach of your CX investments.

With the CX Delivery Framework, you can:

  • Accelerate your global shift
  • Further enrich customer end user connections with an omnichannel environment
  • Plan your SAP CX cloud strategy and migration
  • Implement version upgrades and headless commerce
  • Deploy multi-country rollouts

Fast track your CX

Cognizant expedites your customer experience transformation with tailored Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) built on SAP’s CX suite.

Commerce Cloud RDS
Our Commerce Cloud RDS creates a connected ecosystem which integrates the front-office and back-office, while providing industry-specific solutions that can enable an initial go-live in as little as 100 days. Specific components include:

  • Life Sciences B2B RDS
  • Retail B2C RDS
  • Manufacturing B2B RDS
  • “Lite” Commerce RDS

Sales Cloud RDS

Our Sales Cloud RDS empowers your sales teams to supercharge their performance and customer satisfaction with real-time availability of product, pricing and contract data in addition to 360-degree views of prospects and customers across all channels. 

Customer Data Cloud RDS
Offers relevant, personalized engagements in real-time and identifies new business opportunities by unifying customer data from all digital and physical sources.

Service Cloud RDS
Ensures frictionless service integrated across all customer contact channels, from self-service portals to agents augmented with AI. Provides a 360-degree perspective on your customers.

Our industry solutions and IP

Elevate your CX with Cognizant and SAP

Elevate your digital business with Cognizant’s SAP CX industry solutions and intellectual properties (IP). Our tailored solutions harness the power of SAP CX to drive personalized engagements, streamline processes and deliver exceptional value across industries. Transform your customer journey with our proven expertise and innovative technologies.

Maximize ROI with faster TTM and higher AOV

Cognizant® Retail Express can help retail and other businesses boost ROI by increasing speed to market by ~40%, decreasing development efforts by 20% and lifting the average order value (AOV) by 15%. Accelerate your CX journey using our customizable, ready-to-deploy Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) powered by SAP Commerce Cloud. 

Easily create features and optimize site experience, stability and performance using our plug-and-play approach and available integrations. Increase your consumer base and boost conversion rates with add-on AI-driven user journeys and personalized search for improved shopping experiences.

Go to market faster in life sciences and healthcare

Cognizant® LifeCare Express is an e-commerce accelerator for the life sciences and healthcare industries. The accelerator is bundled with features for inventory management, including barcode scanning, multi-location ordering, product contracts, user management, assisted service management and a dashboard and may help provide a nearly 30% faster time to market for clients. Our solution helps businesses maximize ROI using a global template approach to drive an approximate 20% reduction in development efforts and customer service dependency.

Roll out to markets faster by automating localizations

Roll out to markets faster and save on costs during SAP CX Commerce rollouts by automating localizations with our Cognizant® Site Localization Tool. The tool lets you easily implement localized content message files for display on the site storefront and allows the translation business user to create and update translated content and upload it to the system—all without involving the development team.

Elevate CX with personalized product suggestions

The Cognizant® Product Recommendations Solution is built to provide an enhanced user experience by delivering personalized recommendations to users that save time, promote customer engagement and boost satisfaction. The solution uses customer order data to fetch products that customers frequently order or purchase and showcases them as suggestions on the cart page. By personalizing the buying experience, the solution increases cart-to-order conversions—and also average order amount and revenue.

Use voice interfaces to revolutionize shopping experiences

A new dimension in e-commerce, Cognizant® Voice Powered Shopping Assistant enables an interactive voice interface that streamlines the purchasing journey. Accessibility features assist those with visual impairments. Improved accessibility is enabled through voice-based, user-friendly commands, resembling casual conversation that makes shopping simpler for people of all age groups. The technology is device- and platform-independent so it can be easily run on Windows (desktop, mobile, tablet), Mac (desktop, mobile, tablet) and Android devices.

Make communication seamless for customers

Cognizant® Connect for WhatsApp Chatbot improves customer experiences and reduces barriers to communication by resolving frequent queries faster and conveniently using WhatsApp chat. Our seamless communication innovation addresses all order-related queries from the first product recommendation through to order delivery status, with additional insights into conversations to monitor and improve interactions. Make your customer journey smoother, intelligent and natural with 24X7 personalized recommendations for omni-channel user experiences with Cognizant Connect for WhatsApp Chatbot.

Simplify shopping with efficient multi-search

In B2B or B2C e-commerce, customers tend to place orders for several products on a given user journey, often searching products by code or keywords and adding them to their cart. Cognizant® Multi Product Search simplifies the overall search by speeding the order process and placement, enhancing the user experience and enabling swift bulk orders by providing simultaneous, seamless multi-product search by SKU or keywords. Customers can also add one or all products from their search results and switch between single and multiple searching.

Streamline payments with automated approval workflow

Modernize and simplify the necessary multiple-level approvals required once commission application payments get processed with Cognizant® Payment Approval Workflow for SAP CX Sales Commissions. By helping automate this business process, our payment approval workflow allows you to easily assign and manage different approvers. SAP Commissions ensures proper management of payment data and makes it easy to track approvals.


Elevate your omnichannel customer experience

Leverage Cognizant’s tailored SAP Customer Experience (CX) suite to delight your customers at every touchpoint by enhancing the in-store experience for the digital customers.

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