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Inside the mind of a plant-based purchaser

Cognizant and plant-based expert Jenna Coker-Jones will help decode the motivations of vegan consumers and lead a discussion on:

  • Plant-based marketing and merchandising

    Learn about the leading assortment, merchandising, and marketing tactics that win with plant-based purchasers.
  • Navigating sustainability and ethics

    See how CPG and retail leaders can meet consumer demand for ethical practices, such as employee rights, sustainability, and more.
  • Building your plant-based playbook

    Get expert insight on clear steps you can take to take to elevate your brand’s plant-based offerings – no matter where you are in your journey.
  • Understanding the plant-based lifestyle

    Hear about Jones’ personal plant-based journey, and her accessible approach to the lifestyle. 

Brand’s Impact on Everyone, Everything – Podcast Series

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Mom, and conscious purchaser— Jenna Coker Jones— sits down with experts and executives from Cognizant to decode the motivations of the changing consumer. We share deep insights into the latest buying habits to help build your own brand experience that converts. Jenna’s thoughtful and entertaining perspective mixed with Cognizant’s deep industry expertise helps you be aware of ever-changing customer needs and how you can be nimble in meeting them. Each episode will show you when and how to act in just the ways customers value with top-notch tech, brand identity, ethical practices, and more.

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Ready to lead in the plant-based movement?

Join us to learn more.