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Peak performance in talent and delivery

Today’s leading digital organizations are outpacing their competitors by sensing customer demands, moving quickly to capture market share, attracting talent and spearheading change.

These organizations share common traits that help them anticipate and act with insights and speed. Their talent models anticipate changing needs and always keep the right skills in play. They build scalability into their culture. And they know how to deliver on digital initiatives. At Cognizant, we design these traits into Game of Pods, our platform for hypergrowth.

Where insights and engagement drive results

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Old client, new tricks: Game of Pods accelerates team performance
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Game Report: See the features and follow our progress

Game of Pods is already being used by Cognizant’s Software Product Engineering teams, and is evolving and expanding to more groups within our organization throughout 2021. Download the report to see and track our progress and explore the features.

Game of report PDF

Engineer your business for hypergrowth

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