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Our employees are dedicated to following the highest standards of personal and corporate conduct.

Our senior leadership team has established and maintains a strong ethical climate, overseen by an independent Board of Directors. Our policies and practices reflect corporate governance initiatives that are compliant with the listing requirements of Nasdaq and the corporate governance requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley. Our Corporate Governance policies reflect our core values.


  • Ethical Standards: Clear and established values, Code of Ethics and corporate governance standards are monitored and annually affirmed by our associates.
  • Independent Board of Directors: A majority of our Board of Directors are considered to be "independent" under the rules and definitions of the Nasdaq stock market.
  • Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee: This committee develops and recommends corporate governance policies and oversees the evaluation of the effectiveness of the Board.
  • Audit Committee: Each member of our Audit Committee is an "independent" director; one member is an "audit committee financial expert."
  • Black-out/Insider Trading Policy: An exceptionally stringent Insider Trading policy was designed to prevent the occurrence or even the appearance of improper trading in our stock by associates and directors. This policy provides assurance to our shareholders, analysts and others that the market for our stock is a fair one and not improperly influenced by those who may be in possession of non-public information.
  • Ethics & Compliance Helpline: We maintain an Ethics & Compliance Helpline through which associates, clients, vendors and others can anonymously communicate concerns about unethical behavior directly to executive management and the Board of Directors. Visit the Ethics & Compliance Helpline to report a potential violation of Cognizant’s Code of Ethics.
  • Code of Ethics: In February 2021, we updated our Code of Ethics to emphasize the standards of conduct that we expect from associates. The Code is important because it instills trust and confidence in the minds of our clients, shareholders, partners and associates and supports our empowered "client-first" culture.
  • Professional Guidance: Both outside legal counsel and independent accountants ensure that effective governance practices and regulations are followed.
  • Dedicated Internal Compliance Resources: Cognizant employs a General Counsel, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer and Chief Security Officer. These individuals and their staffs serve to ensure that management and associates are in compliance with all internal policies and external laws and regulations.
  • Board of Directors

    Cognizant prides itself on having a diverse, experienced and independent board of directors.

  • Leadership Team

    Cognizant's senior management brings global perspective, deep industry experience and passion for innovation to their leadership roles.


Cognizant's Corporate Policies

Code of Ethics

At Cognizant, we do the right thing, the right way. Our Code of Ethics defines that value in action—what we stand for, how we conduct ourselves—and is our guide in making the ethical choice every day.


At Cognizant, we promptly disclose any waivers granted by our Board of Directors to our Code of Ethics.

Anti-Corruption Policy

At Cognizant, we are committed to doing business ethically and complying with all anti-corruption laws that may apply to the company.

Whistleblower and Non-Retaliation Policy

At Cognizant, we maintain a reporting system where employees as well as third parties can report suspected legal and ethical concerns—confidentially and anonymously.

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