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Rethink your HR strategy to drive engagement for superior results.

In today's fast-changing business environment, organizations are investing heavily to enhance the employee experience. The gig economy and the focus on blended workforces pose challenges to talent management, creating a gap between high expectations and actual performance. Cognizant offers a unique approach for SuccessFactors led HR transformation through consulting, technology enablement and process management that helps transform HR from an administrative to a strategic function.
Our proven assets and frameworks streamline deployment and establish best practices that foster a digital workforce for the future. Our technology serves as an enabler that efficiently delivers optimal results aligned with HR excellence objectives and diverse cultural contexts.
Transforming HR operations for an oil and gas company
Transforming HR operations for an oil and gas company

A Norwegian oil and gas firm transformed its HR operations with SuccessFactors. The new implementation promises efficient HCM processes and improved payroll services.

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Streamlined HCM processes for a hotel chain
Streamlined HCM processes for a hotel chain

A hospitality client improved its efficiency with a major human capital management transformation on a unified SuccessFactors HCM platform with ADP integration.

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Manufacturer streamlines payroll and boosts data efficiency
Manufacturer streamlines payroll and boosts data efficiency

A US manufacturing giant improved data quality, increased efficiency and reduced payroll runtime by integrating SAP’s SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll solution.

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Transform your HR landscape

Our HCM-focused consulting services help you unlock your HR function's potential and drive transformative change. We help businesses optimize processes, implement industry-specific solutions, reduce costs, assess maturity, design roadmaps and enhance user experiences through next gen technologies like chatbots, AI and ML. Our diverse pricing models such as pay-per-use and outcome-based pricing give customers the flexibility to choose what suits their businesses best.

Prepare and design

With our 4i framework for human-centric design, businesses receive a clear roadmap that encompasses cost analysis, business impact and project timelines. This plan empowers the collaborative development of MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) with clients in just four weeks.

Our 4i framework inspires businesses to explore emerging technologies, ideate innovative solutions, innovate through digital transformation and illustrate customized digital solutions using SAP SuccessFactors.

Our HR process assessment, harmonization and automation services are designed for transformation while our competency frameworks, career architectures and target operating models enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Streamline HR operations with our Partner Managed Cloud

Reduce your operating costs and free up staff to focus on core business responsibilities with our pay-per-use Partner Managed Cloud. You can offload time-consuming and recurring tasks by leveraging our HCM shared services framework, HCM Center of Excellence Design and HCM Business Process Outsourcing services. We will also help you host your SuccessFactors instance in our Partner Managed Cloud to provide a true pay-per-use model.

Automate HR processes with AI for effortless operations

  • HR Chatbot—Improve employee experiences by reducing mundane administrative tasks. Emily, our proprietary HR chatbot, seamlessly integrates with SuccessFactors to save employees time by automating routine tasks such as applying for leave requests and training programs with easy-to-use messaging and voice functions.
  • IntelliHire—Automate the hire-to-onboard process using an AI-enabled HR solution that offers capabilities such as facial recognition for authentication, bot-based proficiency assessments and more. Learn more.

Delivering cloud HR excellence

Cognizant's talent in a box accelerator enables quick and efficient deployment of SuccessFactors using industry best practices and standards. It leverages common standard processes, creates a global template and ensures scalability. With an accelerated six-week implementation timeframe, clients can achieve a faster ROI, faster turnaround and a lower total cost of ownership.

Accelerate time to market with our industry solutions

  • SuccessFactors for universities—Fast-track your HCM transformation by 20% to 30% through predefined academic and faculty organizational models, custom university reporting and pay spine models to address requirements like unique reporting hierarchies, academic and professorial pay structures and public sector accountability—factors that often prolong the implementation time of a SAP SuccessFactors solution.
  • SuccessFactors for retail and quick service restaurants (QSRs)—Cognizant’s SuccessFactors template for QSRs tackles workforce challenges to enhance store-level efficiency and reduce staffing time. This enables your business to optimize manpower utilization, provide visibility into staff capacity, improve collaboration and make decisions faster for more effective analysis and better overall management.

Optimize HR processes and drive organizational effectiveness

Enhance your workforce capabilities with our offering, crafted to optimize HR processes and drive organizational effectiveness. By defining key personas and curating a user-centric experience, we elevate HR process maturity for increased efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Our targeted interventions in process automation, process harmonization and change management lead to improved workforce performance and adaptability. Through continuous refinement and automation, we empower your HR ecosystem to evolve seamlessly to ensure sustained growth and success for your business.

Featured solution - IntelliHire

Featured work

Barry Callebaut elevates HR by giving 13,000+ workers a voice

Best-practice surveys provide insights into workforce engagement throughout the employee lifecycle, supporting a people strategy focused on talent attraction and retention.

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We establish partnerships and alliances with industry-leading organizations to deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients. Our key partners include:

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