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Building digitally inspired solutions

Our expertise spans the customer interface, from transaction processing to modernizing core systems, to adapt and scale in an evolving business landscape.
As the pace of digital disruption continues to intensify, businesses are challenged by consumers who value experiences over product and price. The rapid rise in new and innovative technologies and tools has compelled leaders to modernize the employee experience through new digital platforms, apps and service delivery channels.
Cognizant’s Oracle Digital Services can help you implement digital transformation by unifying business and technology architectures to enable competitive advantage and top-line growth. We make your businesses more scalable, agile and future-ready by:
  • Streamlining existing processes
  • Augmenting current operations
  • Creating new capabilities 
  • Inspiring digital thinking at the deepest levels of their business 
From analytics dashboards to chatbots to AI, Cognizant’s Oracle Solutions Practice has solutions to enable your digital transformation journey.

Featured work


Digital foundations

At Cognizant, we’re inspired to make digital work for you by streamlining existing processes, augmenting current operations, creating new capabilities and inspiring digital thinking at the deepest levels of your business.

Streamline processes and applications

UpGraduate: Using Oracle’s “UpGraduate” Tech Platform Refresh, Cognizant helps modernize your technology platform. We’ll migrate/upgrade your current Oracle technology to a next-gen application that keeps you ahead of the technology progression curve while providing continued product support. Our upgrade/migration offering also helps digitize and streamline your business processes by eliminating the existing customization, resulting in reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). Oracle products we use include Forms, APEX, ADF, Oracle 12c, 18c (Autonomous Database) and Fusion Middleware (Weblogic, SOA).

Application Transformation: Cognizant can help you modernize existing, restrictive legacy applications to newer scalable technologies while retaining the value of the legacy investment. Our approach extends the life of your applications, enhances UX by improving interfaces and functionality, reduces deployment, run-time and maintenance costs, and preserves business logic. Process optimization revolves around business-critical systems that carry higher risks, which are addressed through sound strategies, detailed planning, deep technology expertise, robust governance and rigorous execution.

Tailored Apps: Cognizant offers custom development services, leveraging the bundled toolset that comes with a database license package. We’ll build or customize an application to suit your business process/extension, utilizing Oracle Core Technologies viz., DB12c/Autonomous (PL/S Q L), Application (ADF/Jet/J2EE/Forms) and Advanced UI (Polymer, REACT, Angular JS, ADF, JET, Spring, Java and more). We also provide the standards-based applications integration that’s critical to IT efficiency, delivering solutions across the enterprise. Adopting Oracle SOA/ WebLogic API helps ensure the interoperability and integration you need.

Integrate your existing IT

Using the Oracle Cloud Platform (PaaS), we can integrate your existing IT with next-generation cloud services, accelerate application development and deployment, and help drive business transformation. Oracle products we focus on include SOA Cloud Service, AI Cloud Service, Data Integration, Cloud Service, API Cloud Service, IoT Cloud Service, Mobile Cloud Service, Blockchain Cloud Service, Integrated Cloud Service and Messaging Cloud Service.

Capture IoT information

Using Oracle’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform, we provide a comprehensive set of solutions that help you quickly capture and analyze massive amounts of IoT-related information. Our solutions include:

  • IoT Cloud-Enabled Fleet Management—creates an ecosystem of connected vehicles and helps logistics operate in a cost optimization model
  • IoT JumpStart Kit—an automated and open-source-based device management tool for IoT, which automates provisioning of sensors and onboards them for data collection.

Value-added services

Cognizant offers you a host of value-added services, including:

  • Scan IT—an IT advisory service that adds value and improves your ability to meet business goals at any phase of your program
  • Digital HR Assistant—a conventional, AI chatbot-based solution that improves the employee experience, relieves HR of low-value-add activities and evaluates employee engagement levels using both structured and unstructured data.


We offer platforms to help you meet your business goals, as well as supercharge your OLTP applications and workloads.

Meet your business goals

Cognizant’s Oracle Cloud Lift offering helps your enterprise rapidly obtain value from its Oracle Cloud platform and infrastructure investments. Our offerings include migrating Oracle and non-Oracle enterprise workloads to the Oracle Cloud environment.

Supercharge your OLTP

Oracle Exadata is the leading grid architecture for delivering extreme performance for OLTP applications and workloads. Leveraging all that Oracle Exadata offers, our offering can help you reach higher levels of business performance. Our services include advisory services, platform consolidation roadmap and planning, and platform optimization. 



Print Procurement: HCM Cloud Extension Solutions (for SaaS)

This Oracle PaaS application manages employee requests for various types of company stationery, such as business cards, letterhead and more, with an ability to show preview.


Employee Disciplinary Action

This Oracle PaaS application provides a standard application for managing the lifecycle and workflow of an employee policy violation and corresponding disciplinary action.

Take the first step

Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today’s new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

Let’s talk about how digital can work for your business.