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Engage, collaborate, evolve, implement

We identify the key business imperatives that drive actions and then map out the initiatives required from data platforms to achieve them.

When you look for solutions to business problems in non-traditional areas you get outcomes that far exceed expectations.

Cognizant strategic consulting connects business outcome with technology, powering the digital transformation that is driving today’s data economy.

Our Approach

Our consulting team brings a strategic perspective to our clients’ most complex and pressing challenges. We partner with them to build data strategies and roadmaps to achieve their specific goals.

This includes business models and approaches that embrace a data-driven culture between employees, suppliers, management and customers. We recommend both the personnel and the analytical approaches to drive fact-based, decision-making culture – all centered around data.

With an eye on data governance, security and organizational models, our team delivers exceptional value while preserving brand reputation and meeting compliance requirements.


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Case Studies

A life science company’s products and devices are at the heart of their commitment to advancing health and happiness. But, fragmented product masters can cause delays and mistakes. An accurate and well-structured list of products, compounds and devices is necessary to produce, monitor inventory and sales as well as to quickly adjust to market changes.

Because Master Data touches so many points, the solution starts with a strategic view of the expectations and concerns of the users. That determines the technology required to support the resulting business goals and remove data silos. Adopting and embracing the new Product Master Data system removed barriers and increased productivity.

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A provider of private-label credit cards needed to stay ahead of their competition, and had a laundry list of ideas to improve revenue, reduce costs and increase satisfaction of their clients. To meet this goal, they needed an uplift in both capability and organization.

Cognizant took a strategic view of the situation. We created a highly motivated, well organized and analytically equipped team capable of tackling the entire laundry list.This resulted in a big shift in culture for our client with lasting benefits and minimal impact to productivity during the initial rollout.

An organizational model for knowledge and idea-sharing, mapped to fit-for-purpose analytical tools and readiness training helped us create an agile culture that applies fact-based decision making that has improved both revenue and operations.

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A global logistics company was looking for efficiencies and a platform to create new revenue streams. Increasing digitization of parts of the process were driving a re-think of their entire business model.

Cognizant consultants took a strategic view of the company’s divisions, assets, reputation and operations. A detailed data strategy was then created to serve the separate needs of employees and partners while sharing common formats and platform for efficiency and synergy.

This consulting exercise led to a data and organizational strategy and an associated platform that supported multiple use cases; all requiring cross-department coordination that was not previously possible. A new era of logistics analytics was put into motion, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

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A leisure and experiences company, owning multiple theme parks, was seeking to maximize return-rates of existing customers and gain new customers.

A review of the parks’ income and movements of its customers within the park revealed general revenue, traffic and duration data. But the soft facts—the motivations, inspirations, and reasons for attending in the first place—were missing from these reports and, therefore, not considered when decisions were being made about new attractions and marketing promotions, for example.

This Cognizant-led consulting engagement combined the ethnography of the theme park environment with insights from anthropology and human science. This broader definition of "customer data" led to a strategy that enabled the park to connect more effectively and deepen interactions throughout the visit, which increased visit duration and frequency.

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