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Head of Communications, Media & Technology Consulting, GGM, Cognizant

Shashi Bhagavathula

The ever-rising customer demands for seamless connectivity, personalised experiences, and robust security compel Telcos to embrace AI as a cornerstone for their future success. 

Shashi Bhagavathula

Moonshot M24.0.701 | AI-powered fraud defence: Turning vulnerability into profitability

In the digital age, fraud has become a pervasive challenge, with organizations losing billions of dollars annually.

As mobile authentication is the most prevalent source of secondary authentication, Telcos are central to helping prevent fraud. This catalyst is about using AI-agents to help telcos prevent fraud, enhance risk assessment, and monetize telco data. The catalyst team is demonstrating two use cases: one for automating internal fraud investigations using AI agents, and one for providing telco risk scores to financial institutions using TMF standards.

Catalyst C24.0.651 | Autonomous networks hyperloops - Phase V

Join Cognizant to learn more about our Autonomous networks hyperloops Catalyst - using intent-driven APIs, artificial intelligence, and digital twin technology to enable autonomous networking for Telcos. 

Phase V focusses on: Increasing operational efficiency and situational awareness, especially in emergency situations.


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