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Gain a strategic advantage, optimize your talent and control costs with our Human Capital Management solutions.


Human resources is in a period of transformation. To achieve an optimized talent‑driven organization, more companies are seeking solutions that focus on equal parts technology innovation, business maturity and an organizational change management strategy.


The cloud is enabling HR organizations to move from legacy personnel management to more strategic human capital management models. Cognizant OneHCM solution helps companies shift talent management to the cloud to speed implementations, standardize processes and lower cost of ownership.



Reinvigorate Your Workforce with Cognizant and the Cloud

Many companies are considering replacing dated personnel management software with cloud-based systems. Cognizant OneHCM leads the way with next-generation recruiting processes, built-in business intelligence, and both software as a service (SaaS) and hybrid implementations, as well as self-service to drive employee adoption and support. To ensure integration with existing systems, we maintain strong strategic partnerships with other industry leaders, including SAP, Cornerstone OnDemand and SumTotal.  


Leverage Our Proven HCM Methodologies 

To accelerate cloud deployment, we follow our own DeploySuccess approach as well as HCM methodologies from leading partners. We know what tasks need to be performed, and when and how to utilize repeatable processes. By building flexibility and scalability into every customer project, we reduce implementation risk and help ensure on-time delivery.  


Talent in a Box Delivers ROI in Just 90 Days 

Cognizant’s “Talent in a Box” program will have your core HCM and talent management systems up and running in four weeks or less. We begin each HCM deployment with an understanding of what’s needed in terms of people, process and technology. With tight guidance around best practices and change control, our goal is for you to recognize ROI in 90 days.   


Save Costs with Talent as a Service (TaaS) 

Traditional HR outsourcing services are being replaced by cloud-based business process as a service (BPaaS). The reason? BPaaS offers quality services at lower costs for both enterprises and midsize businesses. Cognizant’s TaaS solution runs in the cloud and provides a services approach to running HR while featuring on-demand scalability and usage-based pricing. We provide consulting and administrative services, leaving you free to manage HR operations.   


Take Advantage of Social Integration 

Many HR professionals are looking to socially enable their HCM tools to help overcome productivity bottlenecks while holding down costs. Cognizant’s Social HCM combines social learning with social recruiting, and integrates with enterprise social networks such as Microsoft Yammer and SAP Jam. Related Cognizant services include strategy consulting and best practice usage of social networking tools.

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