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Post-deployment support

Designed to help organizations see the full potential of their Workday investment, our post-deployment support services help clients meet their continuously changing needs following a digital transformation. 
We quickly solve technical challenges and troubleshoot pain points before larger issues arise, while also enhancing data maintenance, analyzing workflows and making improvements as needed.
With a service delivery model that includes offshore, regional and local delivery, our post-production services drive value, improve organizational efficiency and allow clients to operate more strategically with their technology.


Driving continuous value

As a leading global provider of Workday full-platform post-production services with a flexible, knowledge-transfer approach proven to power client self-sufficiency, our post-deployment support services are invaluable in helping your organization see continued return on its technology investment.

Cognizant post-deployment Workday support ensures your integrated technology is performing efficiently and operating accurately. We offer ticket-based support for system issue resolution, enhancements and change requests, and our major event support assists with open enrollment, performance reviews and compensation planning.

Securing comprehensive support

Application managed services (AMS) provide flexible support designed to adapt to your changing business needs. 

By providing a holistic managed services engagement for clients, we promise progression from transition to optimization. AMS amplifies our clients’ key resources by supplementing their IT workforce, thereby freeing them to focus on more strategic matters.

This process unlocks ongoing innovation, business process improvement and user adoption to allow our clients to deliver on the promise of their enterprise resource planning transformation and investment.

Assuring a smooth transition

Having assisted in the successful technology integration of numerous clients undergoing a merger or acquisition, our Workday practice delivers on our deep understanding of the process. We help identify which tenant will become the system of record, determine organizational alignment and data harmonization strategies, identify the new reporting and analytics needs, and look at the change from an employee experience standpoint.

Enhancing and maximizing technology

Get the support necessary to customize and deliver maximum value from your technology investment. 

To maximize the return on investment of digital transformation well beyond go-live, we help enhance and build upon your current tools and systems. With improved data and information obtained through technology that accelerates your performance, we take your investment into the future, implementing new solutions as they arise. In addition, we support the biannual Workday release program with live webinars and resources to assist clients with new updates.

Post-deployment services datasheet

Deploying cloud-based technology is only the first step in a journey of continuous innovation. Learn about the role of post-deployment services and how they can secure a strong return on your investment.

Workday post deployment support datasheet

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