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Business processes make or break experiences

modern operations
They’re the critical layer.

They operate between an organization’s tech stack and the experience enjoyed by customers and employees. They’re core to an intuitive operating model.

Modern operations are at the heart of every future-ready business. We reinvented business process services – so we can partner with our clients to accelerate growth and create new value together.

Future-ready processes are designed to be adaptive. They’re infused with technology and data to deliver personalized and intuitive experiences. And our global and diverse people are empowered with automation and AI for critical thinking and innovation.


business process services
  • Scale with more people
  • Cost take-out
  • Back office
  • Repetitive tasks
  • Offshore


business process services
  • Scale with data, technology & empowered humans
  • Growth & innovation
  • End-to-end
  • High-value experiences
  • Multi-shore


Modern ops, modern metrics

If it’s no longer about cost take-out, what is it about?

Everything our clients care deeply about.

Revenue growth
Operational agility and resilience
Customer experience and loyalty
Employee experience and productivity
Competitive advantage

Technology with an intuitive edge

Why we’re the best partner for modern operations

The modern operations market has two types of companies: those who can build the intuitive operating model, and those who run it.

We can do both.





It’s automation 
with IQ and EQ.


We know processes. By industry, by function, you name it. We know what parts can benefit from Intelligent Automation, and what parts need to stay distinctly human in the automation journey.


Processes aren’t designed and done. After we transform outdated processes, we run them with modern outsourcing services – the combination of process, technology, data and people to deliver truly astonishing business outcomes.

Modern operations are for companies of all industries.

While many service providers specialize by function, we’ve been years ahead in understanding industries.

  • Personal, commercial & specialty
  • Life & annuities
  • Group benefits & retirement
  • Workers compensation
  • Disability & suppl. products
Banking & capital markets
  • Retail/consumer banking
  • Commercial & corporate banking
  • Investment and brokerage
  • Asset & wealth management
  • Residential and commercial mortgages
  • Benefits and claims
  • Provider operations
  • Membership services
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Configuration services
Life sciences
  • Biostatistics and statistical programs
  • Clinical data services
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Regulatory and compliance operations
  • Customer service
Communications & media
  • Digital marketing
  • Location based services
  • Omnichannel customer experience
  • Annotation and AI / ML services
  • Digital marketing & ad ops
  • Map data enrichment
  • Location based services
  • Annotation services
  • Brand safety & intel
Retail, consumer goods, travel & hospitality
  • Space planning
  • Product information management
  • Retail analytics
  • Order management
Manufacturing & logistics, energy & utilities
  • Warranty management
  • Field services
  • Meter-to-cash
  • Product support
  • After-market services

Did you know?

Cognizant employs:



Six Sigma process
certified associates



IFRS and
mortgage specialists

More than


Certified accountants



Pharmacists, doctors and nurses around the world

We’re using cross-industry insights, ingenuity and our technology DNA to unlock new sources of value.

Our enterprise services help businesses run better and more efficiently. We engineer intuition into our clients’ operations so they can quickly pivot and adapt, remain relevant and grow.

Sales and marketing
operations services

We help you more efficiently and effectively deliver impactful results from marketing campaigns, qualify sales opportunities, gather client intelligence and prepare for sales conversations. Services include digital marketing campaign execution, sales operations support like deal hygiene and pitch support, configure-price-quote (CPQ) and order management, customer and partner onboarding.

Intelligent automation
(IA) services

When implemented thoughtfully, intelligent automation enables businesses to modernize their operations, simplify their processes and provide better experiences – with game-changing productivity increases and record ROI.

Our advisory, design, implementation, and managed services as well as our proprietary automation fabric, Cognizant Neuro®, make your journey to scaled automation faster and easier. Our expert teams will also work with you to help prepare you for managing the hybrid human-digital workforce of the future.

Finance and
accounting operations

Our finance and accounting services provide you with next-generation capabilities and a digital playbook for future integrations. From streamlining your transactional workflows to making financial intelligence available on demand, our experts use automation, analytics and process transformation to help make F&A a value generator for your business.

Customer experience management operations

Customers want information without delay, on their terms, in their preferred format, whether that’s via phone, web, chat, text, or social media. Companies that master a seamless omni-channel approach to customer service foster greater brand loyalty and higher net promoter scores, ultimately leading to revenue growth.

Cognizant’s technology-driven services for omni-channel customer interaction combine intelligent technologies like automation, AI and analytics with transformed processes and skilled talent to deliver business outcomes including increased revenue per transaction, higher EX and CX. Our industry expertise is unique – there are big differences between managing a takeout order and a healthcare insurance claim.

Employee experience operations

Cognizant works with clients to transform HR operations through tailored experiences that elevate productivity and add value to your business. We use modern processes and technologies like automation and AI to deliver new insights and better results, faster.

Partner with us to foster a purpose-driven, diverse and inclusive work environment that supports employee engagement and retention world-wide.

Life is defined by experiences and connections. Positive experiences that inspire us, whether as consumers or employees, create meaningful, lasting connections with brands.

Through new and innovative services rooted in technology, we help clients weave extraordinary experiences into the fabric of everyday life.

Location based services

We can help your business build digital twins, design richer, more immersive experiences, and optimize transportation logistics with location based services operations.

Map data services

We work with some of the world’s top map services providers. Our map data services guide more than 500 million people to their destinations every day.

We can show you how your business can use map data services to become more socially integrated.

Brand safety and intel services

With our brand protection, media curation and moderation services, we are keeping brands safer. We can help your organization reduce online fraud and build vibrant online communities.

Digital annotation services

We are working with top innovators to teach self-driving cars to be smarter and safer. We can help your organization accelerate time to market for connected car products.