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Cognizant Automation Center

Cognitive automation is not optional

Automation does more than enable efficient and cost-effective operations. It enhances the very core of the business and enables intelligent new capabilities across the enterprise with the help of Cognizant® Automation Center, formerly known as Cognizant HiveCenter™.
To unlock this new intelligence, organizations must embrace a different approach and focus on automation across three domains—business operations, enterprise IT operations and application engineering—to avoid implementation failure through one-size-fits-all planning.
Cognizant follows this approach and delivers best-in-class automation across a continuum of systems that think, do and learn with Cognizant Automation Center.
Cognizant Automation Center is an integrated automation ecosystem featuring:
  • Industry-leading advisory capabilities and professional services
  • Domain-driven solutions and offerings
  • Best-in-class platforms and third-party products
Establishing a strategic business case for enterprise IT automation in retail

This research report from Everest group makes a case for business-led IT automation in the retail industry. It also reveals how retailers need to adopt a business-aligned approach to IT modernization by automating their front and back office IT systems to optimize operations and deliver promised value to both customers and business stakeholders.


Automation is a journey

Automation is a transformative journey that adds value across modern business and IT organizations. A cohesive automation strategy and roadmap drive efficiency, agility and better experience, which together improve customer satisfaction and create new business insights for the organization.

Cognizant Automation Center advisory, along with professional and managed services, can  help you assess, analyze and implement an effective end-to-end automation strategy.

Define and map the automation vision

Cognizant® Automation Center Advisory Services works with leaders to develop the enterprise automation vision and bring it to life, including identifying automation opportunities, performing maturity assessments, selecting the best technologies to fit your environment, modeling ROI, defining desired business outcomes and developing next-generation architectures.

Automation in action

Cognizant® Automation Center Professional Services offer a flexible delivery model to optimize business benefits as companies implement automation programs and projects across functional areas, technologies and industry-specific service lines. We employ automation products and platforms that include best-in-class commercial, open-source and proprietary Cognizant solutions.

Automation as a service

Cognizant® Automation Center Automation Services is a managed service that provides a flexible delivery model to offer integrated automation as a service to enterprises. The service can accelerate enterprise automation programs across functional areas, technologies and industry-specific service lines. We employ automation products and our fit-for-purpose platforms that include best-in-class commercial, open-source and proprietary Cognizant solutions.

Solutions & offerings

Targeted automation solutions

Cognizant Automation Center addresses automation across domain and functional areas of the organization. Our domain solutions enable automation for industry-specific business processes, such as mortgage processing in banking, pharmacovigilance in life sciences, claims processing in insurance, financial reconciliation in financial services, healthcare enrollment and billing in healthcare.

Enterprise process automation

Our enterprise process automation offering takes a digital-first approach to addressing industry-specific process automation needs across the enterprise, with three focused outcomes—achieving agility, enabling innovation, reducing cost and operational complexity.

Enterprise IT automation

Our enterprise IT automation offerings take a human-first, human-in-the-loop, AI-backed approach to the needs of IT organizations. Our integrated enterprise automation focusses on build and operate functions by continously applying advances in automation and AI technology across on-premises and cloud with following themes:

  • Automation for agility—primarily focused on IT application buildouts with AI-led intelligent engineering, planning, pipelines, assurance and operations.
  • Automation for efficiency—focuses on AI-led integrated run operations across infrastructure, application, security, network and data center automation.
  • Automation leading to better experience—focuses on a seamless user experience for service desk automation and virtual assistance through chatbot, knowledge and action resolutions.

Platforms & assets

Accelerate automation

Cognizant Automation Center offers a suite of platforms and assets that integrate Cognizant’s open systems-based IP, along with partner technologies, to deliver repeatable, scalable automation solutions. This winning combination accelerates delivery and improves outcomes while reducing costs for the organization.

Cognizant Automation Center Robots as a Service (RaaS) is the most advanced robotic process automation, delivered as a service, for high volume human labor. Unlike legacy automation tools, RaaS can replace any human process that does not require intuition. The robots handle a broad set of tasks, allowing staff to focus on processes that require human-to-human interaction. Based on company requirements, they are deployed on virtual machines alongside their interfacing applications. RaaS enables consistent results, faster processing, fewer errors, high scalability, improved compliance and traceability.

The Cognizant Automation Center I&O Automation Platform is an industry-first collaborative platform between humans and intelligent machines. The I&O Automation Platform engages a virtual agent that can understand and execute actions, making operations intelligent and interactive. It also increases response time to various operational needs, enhancing both business agility and user experience. The Cognizant Automation Center I&O Automation Platform brings predictive analytics and AI to infrastructure and application managed services to deliver disruptive performance. In most cases, companies gain at least 35% efficiency and see significant upticks in net promoter scores and MTTX metrics.

OneAgility-QA Hub is Cognizant's ecosystem to orchestrate quality across the software engineering lifecycle. The Cognizant Automation Center OneAgility Platform brings AI to SDLC processes to drive intelligence in planning, pipelines, assurance, environments and resolution. The platform integrates with the commonly used industry SDLC tools and drives agility in application engineering practices.

  • Intelligent Automation: embeds AI to optimize test effort, predict and triage defects faster and improve code quality early in the lifecycle.
  • Cognizant Intelligent Test Scripter & Quality Designer: provides continuous testing and toolchain orchestration for DevOps engagements with full CI/CD integration.

Cognizant Automation Center AskIva is a service desk chabot that initiates the conversations with users, interprets the intent and provides possible resolutions. The solution uses natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to understand the intent and facilitate knowledge search as well as local and server-side actions.

The Intelligent Bot Suite from Cognizant Automation Center is a collection of 1,000+ bots (both scripted and cognitive). These cover the end-to-end functional areas of business process automation, infrastructure and operations automation, enterprise applications automation and development and test automation. These are deployed for our customers as part of our automation service and solution offerings.

The Digital Intake Framework from Cognizant Automation Center is the core platform that automates manually intensive business processes across industries like mortgage processing, claims processing, vendor payments processing, pharmaco-vigilance and more. The platform leverages best-in-class artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to drive content classification, OCR/ICR capabilities for automated data extraction and smart workflows to enable human supervision and governance.

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