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CRM Spending on Generative AI of the total AI-related spending by 2027​


Teams improving their productivity by using a mobile CRM


Increase in spending towards CCaaS adoption by 2027 from 2022


Organizations exploring or implementing Gen AI in their CXM ecosystem

Integrated Service Transformation: Enhancing CX, CRM & AI 

CX CRM market is rapidly adopting latest digital technologies to improve customer experience.  In a landscape where Customer experience is paramount, understanding and improving your organization's digital maturity is crucial. Service transformation highlights the importance of evolving strategically to achieve tangible benefits such as increased customer satisfaction, higher efficiency and sustained growth.

Despite the clear benefits of advanced digital maturity, organizations face several hurdles:

advanced digital maturity
CX strategy hurdles

CX strategy hurdles:

Many companies struggle with aligning their digital strategies with overarching business goals.

People Barriers

Change barriers:

Resistance to change due to ease of working in existing environment and lack of knowledge about upcoming tech.

Poor CX Execution

Ineffective CX execution:

Ineffective execution of CX initiatives can result in failure of the CX strategy and derail the digital transformation efforts.

To overcome these challenges, firms are:

Increasing CX Investments

Increasing CX investments:

41% of firms plan to amplify their CX spending next year to enhance customer-centricity, future-proof their businesses & strengthen the employee experience.

Enhancing employee training and engagement:

15% Increase in training budgets for continuous training and aligning employee goals with CX objectives to promote customer centric culture.

Data-driven insights:

57% of CX and IT leaders prioritize cloud communications for better data access to enhance data-driven insights.

overcome these challenges

Introducing Cognizant’s Digital Maturity toolkit

We've introduced a comprehensive assessment framework within our Digital Maturity Toolkit. This framework evaluates organizations based on two critical dimensions:

The experience quotient:
How well they deliver customer experiences

The technology quotient:
The sophistication of their technology solutions

Digital Maturity Toolkit

From this assessment, we categorize organizations into four maturity levels.


Boasting strong technological capabilities which needs to be utilized in an optimal manner to create an engaging customer experience.

A trailblazer:

Leading the industry in adapting latest technologies and delivering best possible customer experiences.


​Beginning to adapt new technologies, targeted towards enhancing customer experience.

An explorer:

Delivering outstanding customer experiences but can improve by implementing latest technologies.


Curious to uncover your organization’s Digital Maturity persona?

Dive into a quick 10-minute survey for a personalized report that unveils your unique position in the realms of technology and experience. Additionally unlock a free consulting hour with our experts, revealing bespoke insights and guiding your next best actions.

For generating best results from this survey

We recommend the user to be a practitioner or leader from among the below roles in the organization, aware of the CX-CRM landscape and vision for the future:​

  • Strategy & transformation office​

  • Digital Experience Officers

  • Customer experience practice/ Delivery​

  • Contact center operations/ Technology

  • Conversational AI/ Gen AI CoE​

  • IT infrastructure/ Operations