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Generative AI handbook

Our generative AI handbook walks through the AI landscape, looking at both its  boundless potential and risks. Get practical with questions to ask and steps you can take to move ahead with a responsible AI approach.

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The Power of GenAI for Industry

Cognizant has designed a methodology and a cognitive architecture to address the major opportunity of generative AI use cases for enterprise customers.

GenAI is a revolutionary technology that has the potential to transform the banking industry. Hear more from Ferdi Doelwijt, Banking and Financial Services Client Partner from the Netherlands.

GenAI is a breed of AI that mirrors human intelligence and creates something new. From accelerating drug development to decoding the complexity of the human body, Grishma V. Kuruppath, Life Sciences and Healthcare Client Partner from Belgium shares more.

GenAI is at the forefront of innovation in the retail and consumer goods domain. Charlotte De Kort, Client Relationship Manager from Belgium shares some key enterprise use cases starting with The Customer Experience Navigator.

GenAI in manufacturing is a fascinating intersection of historical practices and cutting-edge technology. Jeroen Caré, Manufacturing, Logistics, Energy & Utilities Lead from the Netherlands shares how it’s shaping the future of production.

Generative AI Research and Top Insights

Technological innovations breed more breakthroughs. Learn how experts are putting them to work.

Featured services for AI-led transformation

We deliver solutions for all stages of an AI-first transformation, whether you’re still exploring, scaling successful pilots for impact or leading the way with lean and intelligent operating models.

GenAI Inspiration Space: Book your journey!

Cognizant’s GenAI Inspiration Space in Amsterdam is where you will find our latest GenAI solutions, demos, and prototypes. In this collaborative space we host 1–2-hour work sessions, think tanks, and workshops for small groups. It’s a hub where you can explore GenAI tools, resources, and innovation opportunities like Cognizant Neuro® AI or Cognizant Knowledge Assistant.

Reserve your guided session! Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a curious cat, or a team of code poets, the GenAI Inspiration Space awaits your arrival.

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