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ZDLC™ IT Knowledge Automation™

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ZDLC automates the capture, analysis and visualization of IT knowledge, transforming development, governance and compliance.


ZDLC IT Knowledge Automation reverse-engineers process flows, data lineage and business rules from the running systems, automatically captures the business’s operational user interface activity and aligns these together.


The power of ZDLC automation makes accurate, up-to-date and unambiguous IT knowledge affordable, enabling organizations to deliver with more agility, precision and cost-effectiveness.


Precise Data and Process Knowledge

ZDLC automates the capture, analysis and visualization of data lineage, process provenance and data structures with greater precision than systems analysts, in a fraction of the time and for a much lower cost.

This is particularly vital for organizations facing increasingly difficult regulatory demands or those that need to accelerate the delivery of data analytics.

Accurate, Up-to-Date IT Knowledge

By automating the capture of IT knowledge directly from your system, ZDLC solves the problems of ambiguous, outdated or missing IT knowledge, enabling and accelerating modernization and re-platforming.

Unambiguous Operational Behavior Knowledge

ZDLC automates the capture of the front-end operational flows of applications, generating a navigable visual record that can be easily shared, reducing the cost and delays arising from defects.

Automated alignment to ZDLC capture of systems processes enables extremely fast root-cause of defect analysis saving further costs and time in application development.



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