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Enhancing and extending Return to Work programs

Cognizant WorkActivate™ is an innovative solution that engages claimants to actively participate in and adhere to their Return to Work (RTW) recovery plans, with the goal of significantly improving Return to Work outcomes. The solution directly supports Return to Work efforts for both workers compensation and disability insurance scenarios.


How Does Cognizant WorkActivate Improve Return to Work Outcomes?


Cognizant WorkActivate supports Return to Work (RTW) programs by providing a
mobile-based platform that provides for the effective collaboration and communication of all key stakeholders in a RTW scenario. These stakeholders include:

  • The disabled employee or injured worker
  • The insurer
  • The RTW coordinator
  • The employer
  • The physician


Cognizant WorkActivate will integrate with quantified self movement devices such as wearables, Kinect devices and other fitness platforms, to gather real-time wellness data that will allow for quicker decisions supporting faster recuperation. The mobile app will provide alerts to the disabled employee or injured worker for medicine intake, rehabilitation schedules and physician visits. WorkActivate also provides third-party educational content for overall health and wellness.

Cognizant WorkActivate uses gamification and social media interaction to keep the injured worker or disabled employee motivated and focused on returning back to work in a safe and timely manner. The solution provides various tools/techniques that include: a calculator that showcases early Return to Work benefits and rewards for being compliant with the medical rehabilitation plan.

WorkActivate provides tools to assist the Return to Work coordinator to more effectively work with the injured worker or disabled employee in areas that include: job transitioning, job modification and/or alternate job planning.


Cognizant WorkActivate™

The Cognizant WorkActivateTM mobile app is designed for effective collaboration with the goal to ultimately improve the Return to Work outcomes for both disability and workers’ compensation.  The injured worker can then use the WorkActivate app to calculate how remaining out of work for the prescribed period will affect his income and benefits.

A Smart and Connected Ecosystem for Faster Return to Work for Disability and Workers Comp Insurers

Learn about how the disability and workers’ comp insurers must transform their RTW programs with innovative digital technologies and digital health programs to deliver better and faster RTW outcomes as well as operational cost savings.

WorkActivate™ Solution Overview

Cognizant WorkActivateTM is an innovative solution that engages claimants to actively participate in and adhere to their Return to Work (RTW) recovery plans. Learn more on how Cognizant WorkAct    ivate works.

A Day in the Life of a Disabled Employee

See how Cognizant WorkActivateTM allows “Bob”, a disabled employee on short-term disability (STD), is able to stay connected with his Return to Work (RTW) coordinator, doctor, insurer, and employer by providing effective collaboration and communication.

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