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The future of work is inclusive. Cognizant is committed to elevating the experience of work for women through our Women Empowered (WE) program.

Interested in pursuing a career at Cognizant?

Why Inclusion Matters

Diversity has moved from a human resource challenge to a business opportunity. Companies with a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment are better equipped to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive digital world. These organizations foster an atmosphere of trust; give employees a say in decision making; involve them in work processes; and provide the information, resources and tools they need to succeed. By embracing different perspectives, they can anticipate challenges before they become problems, and tend to post superior financial results.


Human experience + digital outcomes



“Being an anthropologist in the
workplace means being an outsider
—and that’s a good thing. It’s a
helpful role when you’re trying
to question assumptions.”


Vice President
Human Insights, Idea Couture
Toronto, Canada

I’ve always been interested in trying to unpack the “why” behind things. Social and cultural anthropology are about understanding assumptions that form how we look at the world. It’s a critical lens.

After teaching a few courses University of Toronto, I started looking for opportunities outside of academia. I saw a listserv posting for a job at Idea Couture (IC). The job was resident anthropologist. I had no idea what that was. 

I’ve been at IC for eight years. There’s a greater awareness today of cultural anthropology in business than when I started. I used to have to tell people, “I don’t do bones, I don’t do stones, I do people.”

Being an anthropologist in the workplace means being an outsider—and that’s a good thing. It’s a helpful role when you’re trying to question assumptions. I ask questions in meetings that, say, an innovation strategist might not. I can help uncover ambiguities that need to be understood better.

In our work with clients, we always start with the human experience. Whether we’re creating an online support program for people with lupus, or a dashboard for a bank, the digital piece comes later. Before we articulate the digital experience, we take time to first understand what it means to live with lupus, or to work at a bank. That understanding makes the outcomes we deliver much more relevant.

We have a wacky range of people here at IC. I have one colleague who makes furniture and another who makes bow ties. The company has always been supportive of the broader contexts of our lives. My daughter was about two years old when I started at IC; she’s now 10, and my little guy is six. They’ve both grown up here in the office—spent a lot of time hanging out with mama at work!

Builder of teams



“Strong mentors are one of the
keys to success in building
a strong company.”


Head of Mentor Network
Cognizant Accelerator
Boulder, Colorado

Scale interests me. I like to get stuff done and build things, and I’m excited about scaling up a team as we expand here in Boulder. I’m interested in exploring ideas like how we preserve our culture in a big company when people don’t necessarily know each other.

I started my career as a web developer in the late 1990s and then began focusing on venture-backed product startups. In 2010, I launched my own consulting company, Quick Left. In 2016, we were acquired by Cognizant.

We’re now part of Cognizant Accelerator, and the idea of working on new enterprise projects is exciting. The Launch Pad Challenge is an in-house incubator we’re building. Twice a year we choose around 10 products and work with them for six months to test their market viability.

As head of the mentor network, my role directly impacts how we grow the Launch Pad Challenge teams within the Accelerator, as well as how we help contribute to the teams’ success. Strong mentors are one of the keys to success in building a strong company. We provide the projects with a lot of guidance.

Do I miss engineering? I do sometimes. I liked the challenges I’ve had to undertake in running a company, everything from setting up health benefits to difficult HR decisions. But you can’t always figure out people the way you can figure out code.

One area in which I’ve grown is public speaking. Bless their heart, a local group invited me to be among their speakers when I was just starting out. They gave me five minutes to speak. Being an engineer, I used note cards to make sure I spoke precisely for five minutes. I was very awkward. But I kept going at the public speaking.

Since then, I’ve become much more relaxed at it, and I feel good about that. I recently shared my story and experience at TriZetto, and it reminds me that in a large company like Cognizant, WE is an extremely important organization to have. Our members and chapters are doing great work.

Designing business value through innovation



“With my roots in design and
business, I’m fascinated by
building bridges
between humans and technology.”


Lead Product Realization Director, Europe
Cognizant Digital Business
Amsterdam, Netherlands

I stumbled on digital back when I was studying design and technology at university in Sheffield. For my graduation, I built an interface to teach children about computer control. I taught myself how to program—and discovered the importance of designing more usable interfaces between people and technology.

I moved to Netherlands to join a team set up to bring a human-centric approach to innovation at Philips Electronics. Now at Cognizant my focus is strategic innovation for Digital Business. My role is to lead our pioneering approaches to inspire, realize and provethe business value of innovation for our clients. To help me develop as a senior leader, I have a mentor/coach here at Cognizant. I volunteer for the recently formed Women’s Network Netherlands coordination team.

A challenge that really excites me is to bring together different thinking patterns from engineering, design and business to make innovation even stronger. It’s a human challenge as well as a technological one. Our job in Product Realization ranges from managing the products that don’t yet exist, to bringing business design to new-product and service innovation and carrying this through to agile rollout. We’re a global team, and we bridge the exciting front-end strategic opportunities with development at scale. We emphasize the human POV. Is an idea viable? How much value are we creating, and how can we realize it?

I continue to be part of the Maker movement and also an internet of things (IoT) enthusiast, and I run the local IoT meetup in Eindhoven. We meet monthly, and it’s fun because there’s more opportunity to focus on building value before business. I like that we bring together the curious and build a diverse community. And with the right mix of technical and content, I aim to establish an IoT meetup that attracts a growing representation of women.

Solving client problems, simply and elegantly



“My focus is understanding
why people need data and insights,
and how digitization will help them.”


VP, Cognizant Digital Business
Head of Business Analytics & Insights
Boston, Massachusetts

Enjoying what I do and working with smart people has helped shape my career.

The important thing to me has always been believing in what I do and having an opportunity to constantly learn. At Cognizant, I’ve been fortunate to take new and different roles every two to three years and along the way to acquire new responsibilities and capabilities. I had the opportunity to conceive, shape and manage the Chief Data and Analytics advisory council, one of the company’s most successful and long running councils.

I get excited by solving problems and bored if I’m not in front of customers, understanding their business challenges and creating solutions. Helping customers make sense of digital’s complex transformation absolutely inspires me to keep up with things.

I’ve been with Cognizant for 16 years. I began my career working with banks, retail chains and medical devices as a business analyst. I became a program manager for client companies like Levi Strauss and eBay.

Now I have two roles. For two verticals—banking and financial services and healthcare—I run our analytics and AI profit and loss (P&L). I also head our business analytics and insights (BAI) unit across North America, which helps organizations build a foundation for digital value.

What surprises me most about my work? That not every need has to be solved through complex technology solutions. Sometimes the simplest way to solve a problem is also the most elegant. It’s important for us to understand both stated and unstated needs before we jump into solution mode.

Turning new ideas into impactful products



“I’m drawn to the problem-solving
aspect of product marketing.
I love the thought and 
rigor involved in taking
product to market.”


VP, Cognizant Accelerator
Portland, Oregon

When I graduated from Georgetown University, an advisor told me, “Go west. There’s this technology thing going on.” So I started a tech company, and I’ve worked in technology ever since. In particular, I’m drawn to the problem-solving aspect of product marketing. I love the thought and rigor involved in taking a product to market.

At Cognizant Accelerator, I help create new business models for the company as part of our corporate innovation efforts. That includes incubating new practices and internal startups, everything from product-market fit to positioning and messaging. We collaborate closely with our business units to identify good ideas and ensure they have the executive support and resources they need to grow.

New ideas are the heart of my work. I got an MBA from Harvard, then returned to the Silicon Valley start-up scene, just as the market crashed. After Cisco acquired the start-up I was working for, I led product marketing at various emerging technologies within Cisco, including its video content and IoT business units.

My focus at Cognizant draws from that experience: we're exploring ideas for new business models made possible by digital technologies such as blockchain, AI and IoT. My managers emphasize impact over activity and give me the autonomy I want to do the work and to make the changes needed to forward our agenda. I’ve also been able to take advantage of training, such as an executive speaker class, which has helped me develop some of the soft skills that are so necessary to be effective in a large company.

When I’m not working, my husband and our two young boys like to jam on instruments: I’m figuring out how to fiddle. I’m also learning ballet, which feels like a more painful form of yoga. I regularly hike the trails of an urban forest reserve behind my house. It’s one of the largest in the country—and yet another reason that advisor was right about going west.

Mastering the art of the possible



“I make sure I take time to advocate
for others. It’s amazing what we can do
when someone tells us we can get there.”


VP, Consulting Partner
Communications, Media & Technology
Dallas, Texas

The best part of my job is sitting with clients and my team, listening and talking and working through problems. Creating solutions with clients is always exciting to me. A lot of our sessions are about brainstorming ideas and diversification of opinion. How can we push our thinking to get clients where they want to be?

I wear two hats at Cognizant. On the technology side, I focus on communications and media, working with clients across their enterprises and on digital transformation. I also work on digital infrastructure like software-defined networks and virtualization. How do you take a network environment and add software capabilities to create cool experiences for customers and the enterprise? And what does it mean for those affected in terms of reskilling?

A client once told me that she liked that I was straight with her even in uncomfortable situations. She said she could trust me to solve problems in a fair way. I always make a point of passing that along to my team. Always be straight with clients, even when the information can be uncomfortable. Nothing ever goes perfectly. It’s how you deal with it that makes a difference.

When I began my career at Cognizant, my boss made sure I got a lot of engagement and exposure and the ability to jump into things and make decisions. Now I work for Chell Smith, and she’s a good, strong advocate.

Likewise, I make sure I take time to advocate for others. It’s amazing what we can do when someone tells us we can get there. Everyone has a different path. There isn’t just one way.

Outside of work I’m a family person. I have the neighborhood house that all the kids feel comfortable coming over to. My family and I are always out walking or biking through the neighborhood.



Ready to Thrive? Try the WE Book Club

Our WE book club recently read “Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder” by Arianna Huffington. Traditional measures of success include money and power. In the book, Huffington calls for a third metric which comprises well-being, wisdom, wonder and willingness to give. Discussion focused on how one can define and build success for oneself.

WE Hungary Wins First Prize

Cognizant Hungary was awarded first prize as “Best Women’s Workplace 2016” among 58 companies that participated in the category of employers with more than 250 employees in the country. The survey was conducted in the summer of 2017 with 72% of Hungary’s female associates responding to the survey, and the award was handed out in December. Congratulations to Team Hungary!

WE NYC Shares Laughs and Advice

WE NYC hosted their first informal networking happy hour in midtown on Friday, November 3. Nine women attended and shared advice and laughs over drinks. Please join us at the next one!

WE Connecticut Network Supports a Great Cause

WE Connecticut, an internal group of Cognizant employees working near Hartford hosted their Seventh Annual WE CT Networking & Fundraising Event last November. WE members made new friends, met old ones and built networks while supporting a great cause—the Pathways to Technology Magnet High School in the area.

Our volunteers help the students prepare resumes, review their college applications, discuss current technology opportunities and help place interns at local companies. The school’s principal graciously offered the use of their event space for this great cause.

The evening started with a talk from a Pathways student, who shared her experience as a summer intern. It was a touching moment to see the impact of our actions on the lives of young women pursuing STEM careers. WE members then participated in a self-defense workshop led by a well-known coach from the area.

WE raised $3,000 to support two outstanding girl students at Pathways, who have their sights set on careers in technology. The fund will go towards their senior scholarship.


Interested in pursuing a career at Cognizant?