Coming Soon: "21 Places of the Future"

In our reporting on the future of work, we set out to explore where exactly that future will happen. As Virtual Space (and our experience as analysts) shows, time and again the power of convening in physical and virtual spaces will germinate new ideas and develop world-changing concepts.

Beyond Virtual Space, where else is the future of work happening?

Much like Detroit 100 years ago or Silicon Valley at the turn of the century, innovation tends to spring up in hotspots of innovation and ingenuity. We have identified a global list of places that show promise to evolve into such hotspots in the years to come. These are the places of your future – and the places where the future of your work lies.

Our forthcoming "21 Places of the Future" report will explore where these places are and what factors make them ripe for shaping the future of work. To accompany our report, we’re creating a series of short films that feature seven of the places we've researched and written about.

The films were all made by individuals living and working where they shot – a diverse and talented cadre of young, up-and-coming cinematographers who helped us get inside their hometowns and tell the important stories that make them special places of the future.

The films and the report illuminate important lessons for all places to learn while navigating the Fourth Industrial Revolution. By training a telescope on the places of the future today, we can try to figure out how work will look – and where it’s happening – tomorrow.