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Does your interoperability make the grade?

Make certain your interoperability plan will achieve your objectives with key benchmarks, assessment criteria and organization alignment tips.

Watch our on-demand webinar

Watch our on-demand webinar

Learn how to assess and optimize your interoperability program.

  • Evaluate Interoperability Plans
    • Ensuring your interoperability program is on the right track requires evaluating technical and business requirements across your organization.
  • Identify Key Milestones and Benchmarks
    • Interoperability milestones and benchmarks are unique to each health plan. But without them, how can you evaluate the progress of your interoperability program?
  • Assess Internal Readiness and Alignment
    • Is your organization ready for the impact that interoperability will have? By understanding requirements, milestones and benchmarks, you can align your organization for success.

Meet our interoperability expert

Watch now to learn from one of Cognizant’s healthcare interoperability leaders.

  • Gary Meyer

    Assistant Vice President, Cognizant Consulting, Healthcare

    Gary brings 25 years of industry experience to leading Cognizant’s interoperability advisory services. He helps organizations define and execute their compliance strategies and achieve better market positions through interoperability.

Here’s how you can take interoperability beyond compliance

  • Balancing health data sharing with protections

    To fight the spread of COVID-19, U.S. healthcare organizations need to share health data while meeting federal data interoperability requirements.


  • Truly portable, personal & shareable health records

    All that's missing from a high-tech approach to quelling a future outbreak is the ability to share personal and portable health records.


  • How to Optimize Returns from Investing in Healthcare

    The new healthcare interoperability rule creates opportunities for payers to reinvent member experiences and create new value propositions.


Ready to evaluate your interoperability?

Cognizant experts provide insights to assess your interoperability plans.