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Build the manufacturing enterprise of tomorrow. TODAY.

Turn on a dime for macro events. Seize new business models for competitive advantage. Realize rapid ROI from your processes.

62% of manufacturers say they would use surplus funds for smart investments that will transform operations and their production process. How will you ensure an agile, connected, intelligent manufacturing enterprise?


Digital supply chain


A global agricultural corporation wanted to improve service

The organization was looking for an end-to-end solution to improve service while also reducing cost and cycle time. They also needed to be able to scale globally and leverage their existing resources whenever possible.

They needed a connected, automated supply chain.

Tomoto harvesting


Recommendation, automations and frameworks

We recommended a center of excellence for employee adoption and prioritization of use cases, built automation and created a framework for non-IT teams to contribute ideas.

tomoto harvesting


$20M in savings, Over 90% process improvement and 4x ROI

We created intelligent process automation that streamlined largely manual and fragmented order fulfillment, financial reporting and customer care processes. 

The organization achieved $20 million in savings, over 90% process improvement, and a 4X return on investment.

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We help manufacturers move forward with confidence

We’ll meet you where you are to reimagine your business, improve your value chain and prepare for the future. Cognizant takes a 360o view of your organization, then designs and implements end-to-end solutions across your complete manufacturing value chain.

NorthSTAR methodology

We help you focus on the right areas, at the right time with the right technology—for maximum impact.

Digital at scale

We combine 25+ years of experience supporting market-leading manufacturers with our end-to-end capabilities, vast portfolio of products and services and best-in-class partner ecosystem to build solutions that grow with you.

Accelerated transformation

We identify opportunities for the best and most rapid value for your investment, no matter your current digital maturity.

We help you transform your manufacturing

Integrate systems, enhance planning capabilities and leverage advanced analytics to provide end-to-end supply chain visibility and respond quickly to supply chain disruptions

Connect your systems to provide real-time access to the insights needed to drive production resilience, minimize equipment downtime, accelerate and scale existing operations and improve quality and utilization. 

Enable seamless customer experience and commerce across various channels, modernize customer-facing applications and minimize the cost to serve.

Become adaptive and responsive with improved services to reduce revenue leakage, while improving customer retention and loyalty. 

Monitor emissions, increase sourcing transparency and report on sustainability goals

Enable digital transformation while optimizing costs and improving predictability by modernizing legacy systems, infrastructure and applications


Industry experience matters

Trusted by more than half of the top 15 manufacturers. Recognized by leading analysts and technology companies.

Generative AI in the manufacturing Industry

Gen AI has the potential to revolutionize the industry. Learn how it can enhance CX, improve productivity, reduce costs and re-imagine every process with our 5-step approach.

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How would YOU invest your marginal dollars?

The Manufacturing Institute, in partnership with Cognizant, conducted a study to explore different approaches manufacturers take in making investment decisions with their marginal dollars.

An FT Live Interview

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Reimagine your business, improve your value chain and prepare for the future