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Cognizant Careers—Code Gladiators
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Cognizant is proud to be the 2021 Presenting Sponsor for Code Gladiators, the coding competition that draws the best and brightest coding talent from all parts of India.

We would like to wish each and every Code Gladiators participant the very best as you enter the world’s biggest coding arena. If you’re technically savvy and driven to change the world for the better, we’d love to hear from you too.

We’re collaborating with clients and associates across the globe. Sharing knowledge. Tackling complex problems. And working as a diverse team to engineer innovative, real-world solutions that improve modern-day life.

Join us, and you’ll take on projects that continuously sharpen your technical skills, your talent for solving problems and your entrepreneurial spirit. Be part of our digital communities, working in small agile pods, led by brilliant, engaging and highly experienced engineers and leaders. Work in teams that share the same values and outlook as you and tackling problems together, applying the most advanced technologies to reengineer our clients’ businesses.

Come explore the endless possibilities at Cognizant to shape the future—for both your career and humanity.


Cognizant named a LinkedIn “Top Company” for career growth

LinkedIn ranked Cognizant #2 in India on its 2021 “Top Companies” list of 50 best employers for career growth.

LinkedIn Top Companies India

Ready for new challenges?

Student/Early Careers
Student/Early Careers

Solving complex, real-world challenges. And continually learning new skills alongside recognized experts. That’s what you can expect from a Cognizant career.

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Skilled Professionals
Skilled Professionals

Stretch your skills and knowledge. Share your expertise. And work collaboratively with like-minded professionals to solve real, human problems.

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Cognizant Returnship Program
Cognizant Returnship Program

If you’ve taken a break from the professional world and are looking to re-start your career, the Cognizant Returnship Program is for you.

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Succeeding in software engineering - a global career masterclass

This career masterclass, part of Cognizant’s Enterprise Engineering diversity and inclusion series with Code Gladiators, focuses on how to activate and accelerate your career in the global technology world and is delivered by Cognizant’s Global Head of Full Stack Engineering Community, Sandeep Deb.

Gen Z - future software engineering career prospects - Harvard Consulting College Group

As part of our Code Gladiators Enterprise Engineering diversity and inclusive series, this webinar discusses Gen Z’s preferences with regards to working models, well-being and collaboration and how remote working is impacted by Gen Z’s backgrounds and practices. Presented by Vidya Shankaran, Talent Transformation Leader Cognizant Enterprise Engineering. 

Spotlight on female software engineers

What does it really take to become a successful female developer/software engineer in today’s market? In this webinar, part of our Code Gladiators Enterprise Engineering diversity and inclusive series, Saleha Williams will focus the spotlight on successful females in the software engineering world and provide tips, advice and guidance for activating, accelerating and elevating your software career as a female in tech. Presented by Saleha Williams, Global Head Enterprise Engineering Strategy, Cognizant.

Engineering business with purpose

Real-world solutions

From healthcare to manufacturing, banking to telecom, your technical or leadership skills can have a real impact in shaping the future. You’ll be solving complex problems with real-world solutions that improve people’s lives.

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Community benefits

Joining digital communities led by highly experienced engineers, you’ll work in teams that share the same outlook and tackle problems together. With dedicated training plans and virtual learning, you can truly stretch your skills and accelerate your career.

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Genuinely innovative

Use your ingenuity to fuel innovation. Apply the most advanced technologies to reengineer our clients’ businesses. Keep them relevant amid constant technical change. And shape their (and their customers’) futures.

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Stretch your skills

Use your passion and ingenuity to fuel innovation and really accelerate your software engineering career.

We’ll provide dedicated training, including virtual learning to help you activate, accelerate and truly stretch your skills to fast track your software engineering career, in one of the world’s leading professional services companies.

Digital roles

Build and launch leading-edge digital transformation solutions using robotics, cloud, analytics, AI, big data and the industrial IoT. Sample job titles: ERP Consultant, Project Manager, Full Stack Engineer, Data Analyst.

Technology & engineering roles

Combine today’s breakthrough technologies with your own intelligence and expertise to help clients transform their businesses and innovate at scale. Sample job titles: DevOps Expert, Scrum Master, Functional Lead, Technology Specialist.

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