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It's not an overstatement to say that the world doesn't run without you. From a family preparing dinner after a long day to a global corporation's ability to stay connected, you are the engine for modern life.

But energy and utility companies are in a race against time. Or, should we say, a race against more sophisticated security threats, increasingly significant environmental events, an aging infrastructure, loss of institutional knowledge as older workers retire, changing customer expectations, and leveraging new energy sources.

We’re rapidly approaching a tipping point. However, there is help. By taking advantage of increased outside capital investments, energy and utilities companies can create grids that are smarter and more resilient than ever before. 

At the center of grid modernization is data. Mountains of data. How do you know what systems to implement, what data to create, and how to get meaning from it all? The visibility, efficiency, security, compliance, and resilience of your systems depends on it. 

Trusted by 8 of the top 10 utilities in North America.

Grid modernization solutions

We work with you to understand your utility’s digital maturity and make sure you start and continue your transformation journey in the right place, at the right speed. ​We help you find the highest-impact strategies, technologies, and systems. From technology selection, to data creation through data meaning, we build systems that are secure, collaborative, and intelligent.

  • Advanced distribution management system (ADMS)

    We help you improve reliability and resiliency, optimize your network, and increase energy efficiency and quality by automating outage restoration and optimizing the performance of your distribution grid. We combine a deep understanding the technical components of advanced distribution management systems with business strategy.

  • Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI)

    We help you help your customers make smart decisions by automating and integrating your smart meters, data management systems, and communication networks for a better customer experience.

  • Enterprise asset management (EAM)

    We help you optimize the quality and utilization of your assets, increase productive uptime, and reduce operational costs by connecting the software, systems, and services of your operational assets and equipment.

A different approach to Smart Grids

We work with you to understand your utility’s digital maturity and make sure you start your transformation journey in the right place, at the right speed. ​

​By finding the highest-impact strategies, technologies and systems to make your strategy become a reality, ​we help prepare your utility to compete in a low-carbon, decentralized future.

Our proprietary NorthSTAR methodology identifies the areas that will bring the most value for your investment, whatever stage of digital maturity you are at.

We know that including people and culture as part of an intelligent utilities transformation is critical to creating lasting change.​

​That’s why we help you focus on the right areas, at the right time, with the right technology for maximum impact throughout your business

With 25+ years of experience working with market-leading enterprises, we have the industry and technology expertise to accelerate your transformation journey, setting us apart from traditional system integrators.

We’ll meet you where you are, identifying the highest-impact solutions, tools and processes to help you realize quick return on investments and become an agile, future-ready, intelligent organization.

Our end-to-end capabilities and portfolio of products and services are supported by a best-in-class partner ecosystem to drive your business forward at scale.

We use facts to guide our actions and decisions, seeking out data and building our knowledge.

Then we deliver solutions that draw upon the full power and scale of Cognizant.


Grid modernization customer spotlight


The client’s security infrastructure was hosted by an external provider in a shared data center. This meant it was limited in its ability to upgrade to meet changing business needs and was inefficient, with cumbersome manual processes. ​
The utility wanted to modernize its infrastructure in order to block cybersecurity threats in real time as well as meet regulatory compliance and reduce IT costs.


We migrated business applications to a Cognizant-hosted data center, implemented endpoint protection, advanced malware protection, next-generation firewalls and intrusion prevention tools​ and introduced an executive dashboard to provide real-time visibility of threats, alerts and actions in the cyber environment.


21 remote offices integrated into the hosted data center​. $600,000 yearly savings in provisioning costs​. $3 million annual reduction in IT costs.

Industry experience matters­

Trusted by 8 of the top 10 utilities in North America. Recognized by leading analysts and technology companies.

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Modern life. Powered by you. Connected by Cognizant.