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Reinventing your supply chain, today

The explosion of technology allows businesses to build intelligence and resilience into supply chains—resulting in solutions that address the here and now. Join us to learn how you can reinvent your supply chain and lay the foundation for decades of change ahead.

Reinventing today's supply chain


Digitizing your supply chain is critical to being competitive and relevant in your industry

Cognizant and Michael Hugos, Co-founder of SCM Globe, will lead a discussion on how you can leverage digital to modernize your supply chain, including:

  • Best in class supply chain technology

    By leveraging the best technologies, you can modernize your supply chain while reducing operational costs. And you can gain the speed and flexibility to respond to new challenges and opportunities without adding risk to your ongoing operations.
  • Respond to new consumer demands

    In the digital era, delivering value to your enterprise means looking beyond traditional supply chain processes. After all, digital natives have trained your customers to be more demanding in their consumer experiences.

  • Create a resilient supply chain

    By combining solutions that are both predictive and collaborative with a fusion of external data, internal systems, and advanced analytics, companies can respond faster, improve stakeholder experience and increase resilience.

Ready to reinvent your supply chain?

Let us help you explore the opportunities that a modern supply chain holds.