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What do tomorrow’s industry leaders need to create smart technology ecosystems?

Here’s how to enhance manufacturing, employee engagement and customer experiences by optimizing technology.

  • Streamline processes that simplify complexity and delight customers

    Automate programs to boost sales and increase customer loyalty via high touch programs.

  • Unite resources to act on data and insights

    Improve business insight and make better decisions faster by integrating sources that work intelligently as one. 

  • Identify top talent that can simplify complexity and advance powerful experiences

    Drive business results by creating holistic experiences that empower both employees and customers.

  • Persist by enduring processes that adapt and not yield to change

    Implement technology that allows you to respond rapidly to the next unknown obstacle.


How food makers can connect with consumers to boost brand relevance

By building customer data platforms, food brands can be positioned for success in the direct-to-consumer space.

Action & insight

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Activate a holistic customer experience ecosystem to become a market leader

This new study conducted by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Cognizant, shows how enterprises that have invested in employee and partner enablement and experiences are leading their less-mature peers and competitors.

The future of consumer packaged goods

Emerging trends have transformed the CPG space to a more streamlined, data-driven and direct 'with' consumer way of business.

Designing better software-driven experiences for consumer goods

Six recommendations on ways CPG companies can transform into software-centric businesses.

A way forward for building resilient supply chains

COVID-19 has revealed a lack of preparedness across the global supply chain to a variety of business disruptions. Here are three concrete actions your organization should consider to reinforce supply chain resilience in the event of future supply shocks.

Automation as essential to navigating a new era

Pushed into uncharted territories by the COVID-19 crisis, businesses across industries are relying more on process automation, but have a long way to go before reaping its full potential.

Informing future business decisions with evolutionary AI

Evolution and decision-making are not immediately linked; however, as it turns out, algorithms inspired by biological evolution are the key to augmenting decision-making in a wide variety of business use-cases.

Start reimagining your processes today

Cognizant can help your business advance powerful customer experiences.