Manufacturing digital supply chains are at a tipping point. On one side is efficiency. On the other, resilience. However, these two concepts are often in conflict. If current events have shown us anything, it’s that neither choice is correct. The way forward is a delicate balance of both.

Now is the time for manufacturers to forge new paths without risking what they have invested enormous efforts into building. But, how do you take that first step toward change when there is no standard playbook for what’s next? When the only certainty is change.

We believe the best transformation starts small. Targeted decisions can strengthen your existing position, empower your workforce, and drive lasting organizational change.

More than half of the 15 top manufacturers in the world trust Cognizant.

We help manufacturers move forward with confidence

Cognizant helps you know where to start. Our global experience, deep technology background, and domain expertise empowers the world’s leading manufactures to gain rapid ROI, address risk now, and lay the foundation for decades of change ahead.

  • Determine your best fit

    We help you model and execute the ‘best-fit’ supply chain network geared towards significant value realizations with Supply Chain Design.

  • Create your vision and roadmap

    We define your digital supply chain vision, identify and prioritize your most valuable use cases, and develop a transformation roadmap with Digital Supply Chain Transformation.

  • Anticipate disruptions and boost resilience

    We help you anticipate disruptions and boost resilience across your value chain through data-driven Supply Chain Risk Management.

  • Protect the planet

    We help you manage your supply chain in an environmentally and socially responsible way and position yourselves for growth with Supply Chain Sustainability.

A different approach

We collaborate with you to take a 360 degree view of your organization and help you think differently about how to build the intelligent manufacturing enterprise of tomorrow.

Our customers benefit from our approach that blends process transformation enabling best use of technology, a human-centric approach for alignment of processes and key stakeholder needs, and insights and predictions derived from external data, internal planning systems, and advanced data analytics.

Our proprietary NorthSTAR methodology identifies the areas that will bring the most value for your investment, whatever stage of digital maturity you are at.

We know that including people and culture as part of the intelligent manufacturing transformation is critical to creating lasting change.

That’s why we help you focus on the right areas, at the right time, with the right technology for maximum impact throughout your business.

With 25+ years of experience working with market-leading manufacturers, we have the industry and technology expertise to accelerate your transformation journey, setting us apart from traditional system integrators.

We’ll meet you where you are, identifying the highest-impact solutions, tools and processes to help you realize quick return on investments and become an agile, future-ready, intelligent manufacturing enterprise.

Our end-to-end capabilities and portfolio of products and services are supported by a best-in-class partner ecosystem to drive your business forward at scale.

We use facts to guide our actions and decisions, seeking out data and building our knowledge.

Then we deliver solutions that draw upon the full power and scale of Cognizant.


Digital supply chain customer spotlight


A global agriculture corporation wanted to improve service

The organization needed an end-to-end solution which would improve service while also reducing cost and cycle time. The solution also needed to be scalable globally and to leverage their existing resources whenever possible.

They needed a connected, automated supply chain.


Recommendations, Automations, and Frameworks

We recommended a center of excellence approach to ensure employee adoption and enable prioritization. We built automation and created a framework for non-IT teams to contribute ideas.


4x ROI

We created intelligent process automation that streamlined largely manual and fragmented order fulfillment, financial reporting, and customer care processes. 

The organization achieved $20 million in savings, over 90% process improvement, and a 4X return on investment.

Our digital supply chain capability areas

Connected supply chains deliver superior customer service, optimization, organizational efficiency, and advanced visibility.

Integrated business planning

-  ATP based on real-time constraints

Sourcing and procurement

- Digital supplier performance management

- Supplier compliance and tracking

Delivery and execution

- Warehouse, logistics and network optimization and just-in-time delivery

- Demand-driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP)-based inventory optimization

Supply chain visibility

- Real-time track and trace

- Supply chain control towers

- ‘What if’ scenario planning

- Touchless P2P process and spend optimization

- Demand forecasting

Our digital supply chain capability areas

Industry experience matters.

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