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The challenge

Since 1993, Kick It Out (KIO) has been at the heart of the fight against discrimination in British football, leading the charge for positive change. Moving forward, it aims to broaden its focus to more sports, starting with an exploratory partnership with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to address issues of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within the sport.

KIO’s website is key to engaging members and inspiring audiences, but data from the existing website showed that visitors had trouble finding information, using key functionality and submitting discrimination reports. As KIO prepared to relaunch its brand, and with few internal resources to spare, it needed to find a like-minded partner with expertise in website consulting and technology project management to help design, build and deliver a new website.  

Our approach

After evaluating four potential partners, KIO chose Cognizant for the project, because our vision and values aligned with its own and because of our proven digital transformation expertise.

We set out to build a website that would reflect KIO’s new brand and support its aim to engage with more stakeholders effectively across more sports. Regular meetings between KIO and Cognizant ensured the project progressed smoothly, with the collaborative approach ensuring any issues were swiftly addressed.  

To adhere to cost goals, Cognizant recommended Microsoft Azure Cloud as a suitable platform for the Drupal-based website and a cost-efficient solution that allowed KIO to take advantage of Microsoft's pricing for non-profits.

A future-proof platform to tackle discrimination in UK sports

The result is an interactive website that offers KIO information and resources, as well as reporting capabilities that are easy and intuitive to use. The new website went live on time, with encouraging early results including high visitor rates, an increase in donations and effective use of the discrimination reporting functionality, supporting the important step of following up on reports of discrimination.

By partnering with Cognizant and Microsoft, KIO has achieved a future-proof digital transformation that will support its strategy for the next three years and beyond. 


Page views in the first month, from 36,364 unique users


New donations, the majority on a recurrent schedule


Instances of discrimination reported, for follow-up by the appropriate authorities

Ready to learn more?

For any questions about the event, feel free to contact us for further information.