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Featured podcast: Why product information management (PIM) is key to your e-commerce success

The pandemic has rapidly accelerated consumer adoption of online purchasing. To meet customer expectations, brands need PIM solutions to support the entire process of collecting, validating, enriching, and syndicating product information. What does product information management (PIM) mean for your brand and your success in the marketplace? Anup Prasad, VP and Market Leader of Retail and Consumer Goods, Cognizant and Stephanie Wiles, Senior Director of Consulting in Retail and Consumer Goods, Cognizant, discuss and dive into why PIM is key to staying relevant with consumers, how it is evolving, and why your brand could lose market share if it doesn’t embrace PIM today.

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  • What is PIM?

    The practice of maintaining and improving the product information across all your selling platforms is known as product information management or PIM. All product material and digital assets, including pictures, videos, personalized representations, product classification, and more, are included in this process of a product information management platform.

  • What is the goal of a PIM solution?

    Enhancing your selling success across omnichannel and multichannel touchpoints is the aim of product information management. The goal should be to accomplish this while providing a fun purchasing experience.

  • How is PIM essential to e-commerce success?

    When it comes down to it, strong product content is the most important prerequisite for e-commerce success. This is because consumers will avoid your online store if they can't search and order your products in a manner that suits them. E-commerce platforms draw users when they provide intuitive access to high-quality data such as many product SKUs, characteristics, variations, and necessary products.


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